Basic Things to Know When Visiting Boston University

Basic Things to Know When Visiting Boston University

Everybody dreams about studying at Boston University. Being a member of the ivy league, you might be nervous and wondering what it’s like to have your first visit to this prestigious university. Let’s start off with some facts about BU.

Established in 1869, Boston University’s population continues to grow. To date, the university has a population of 35,000 students, with a remarkable graduation rate of 85%. To top it all off, the institution has amassed $486.8 million worth of research awards. 

The university is known for producing successful individuals in different fields of study. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, Karen Lynch, and Paul Beatty are just some of the many successful personalities.

When we talk about the campus, a quick BU campus tour will give you a brief knowledge of the campus, ease any anxiety, and clear up any questions.

Experiencing the University Personally

The best way to know if the university will cater to all your preferences is to witness it firsthand. Here’s what you should do.

  • Schedule an interview– The first step for a visit is to contact the college admission office through their email, phone number, or college website. You can ask for more details and schedule a time for an appointment or BU campus tour.
  • Fall Visit Days– Boston University offers events focused solely to invite freshies and know more about the university’s academic prowess. You can also get to bond with an inclusive student community and hear from faculty members and notable alumni. 
  • Information Session and Campus Tour- You can also schedule an information tour that can last for 2 hours. You will learn how competitive Boston University is and get all your questions and queries answered. The university also welcomes groups of more than 10-50 students for a campus visit.
  • Schedule a Class Tour- You can schedule a class tour to experience actual professors teaching a class. You can make arrangements by contacting the College directly. They will inform you if there is availability on the day of your visit. 

What You Should Do Before Applying at Boston University

While touring BU grounds can be fun, it’s also the best time to inquire about the requirements for application. Applying at Boston University requires you to obtain your secondary school records. Also, they will request you to submit original certified copies of home country credentials.

Another good thing about Boston University is its education system. A fresher still doesn’t have to choose for a major until sophomore year, which is proven beneficial for students to focus on their specific interests. This method gives students more time to think about what major is suited for their goals.

Also, one of the factors that give rise to the hardships in a student’s college life is the unfamiliarity to the place and people, especially for a student’s first time residing in the US.

It’s best to let other students be a part of the tours with you. This will help you in feeling more familiar with the place. At CampusReel, they do this efficiently as well. Their featured services solely provide raw footage of information about everyday campus life.

Sometimes, changes can be hard, especially when you finally have to get out of your comfort zone. With the help of a good learning environment, you will have the best and enjoyable chapter of your life in no time.

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