Board Games for Kids: Top Picks for Family Fun

Board Games for Kids: Top Picks for Family Fun

Are you sick of ending every day in front of the TV with your kids on their phones? Well, it’s time for some good old board game fun! If you’re new to the world of board games, here are a few picks that will bring you hours and hours of quality family fun. 


This one is easily one of the easiest yet most engaging board games out today. It’s easy enough for kids to grasp yet tricky enough to keep adults entertained. Sequence is recommended for kids over the age of 7 and it can easily keep older kids and parents on their toes which means it provides fun for all generations. And, it requires a combination of luck and strategy that will get even more fun as you perfect your skills and get more competitive—perfect! 


If you want a game that’s perfect for younger kids and something they can play together without adult supervision in those rare situations when you’re not together as a family, you can choose Richard Scarry’s Busytown. This game is perfect for all kids aged 3+ since kids can search for hidden objects, explore the game board and work their way to Picnic Island. The game encourages collaboration as kids work together to solve mysteries. 


This is a game that doesn’t ask for any special introductions. Scrabble is a classic that can be very peaceful and educational or highly competitive, depending on your take. It’s super fun both for adults and kids learning to read and spell. If your kids need some extra help towards becoming good readers and spelling bees, you can enrol them in classes teaching fun phonics for kids that will ensure your child sounds like a tiny little language expert. With extra classes and your regular Scrabble tournaments at home, you can expect your kids to become great communicators which will be a very useful skill at school and later in life. 

Googly Eyes Showdown

If you want to have a night filled with laughter, you need to go whip out Googly Eyes. This game will make you laugh so hard, you won’t be able to see straight—most literally! The game requires you to put on vision-altering glasses and try to draw something while others guess what it is. It sounds simple, but your masterpieces will say otherwise. 

Exploding Kittens

Once you get over the name, this game is actually pretty family-friendly. It’s a hilarious game with endlessly-entertaining pictures—something like children-appropriate Cards Against Humanity. Every time you have a family gathering, you can bring this game and replace your uncle’s rant with a lot of laughs and fun. Exploding Kittens is beloved both by kids and adults and everyone can be equal in this game. It’s funny, quirky and flexible game that allows good interaction between players—something we rarely get in today’s tech-ruled world. 


If you love to work as a family instead of competing with one another, try Pandemic. This game requires you to work toward a shared goal—saving the world from a deadly disease. Every player gets a character with unique strengths the group can use to prevent the pandemic from consuming the Earth. The game is not super simple and it requires a lot of strategizing, so it’s perfect for families with teenagers and adults. 


If your family is already big on game nights, you must have Catan (5th edition) in your collection. This adventure game suitable for three or four players will open up a whole new world of fun and competition. The goal is to use your collected resources to build settlements around the island of Catan and earn victory points. The first “builder” to reach 10 points is the winner. While the premise of the game is very simple, there are also many obstacles and rules, but everyone above 8 will get to enjoy the experience. 

With these board games, your entire family will have plenty of healthy competition and many, many laughs while bonding the right way. Forget all about phones, TVs and other electronics and go old-school your next free evening.

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