Checklist for Selecting a Handyman

Checklist for Selecting a Handyman

A general handyman is more important than you may think. When your light bulbs flicker, kitchen sink clogs or water pipes drip, you may believe you can deal with these issues. However, these seemingly simple jobs require hands-on experience and knowledge that only a handyman can offer. Outlined below is some advice for hiring a reliable handyman:

Shop around

There are a number of places from where you can find a good handyman. Be sure to ask your neighbors for recommendations or family members. Your insurance agent or a local realtor can also help.

Ask them for references

Don’t just hire anyone because they have been recommended by someone. They may have worked out for them, but may not do the same for you. Therefore, it is a good idea to ask them for references. A capable handyman will not have a problem in providing references because they will have several satisfied clients.

Check their license

It is a good idea to see if the handyman has a license or not. If they are properly licensed, it adds a layer of security because they can be trusted and they have the necessary experience and knowledge to do the work.

Schedule an appointment

Make an appointment so they can come over and take a look at the work they have done. How else will they give you a quote without looking at the job?

Talk about payment

Once they have made an assessment, they will give you a quote. Make sure you ask them exactly what it includes to avoid any problems later on. Don’t make full payment in advance. Partial payment can be made when work begins, but the rest should be handed over once you are satisfied with the work.

Select a handyman, sit back and relax while they do their job.

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