Easy Tips on How to Clean Your Stairs

Easy Tips on How to Clean Your Stairs

Stair cleaning tends to be an essential chore to keep your staircases clean and safe. Your staircases are one of the areas that experience regular movement in the property. That’s why they get dirty very fast and need frequent cleaning. 

 Proper stair cleaning not only makes the stairs look and feel good to bare feet but also prevent injuries. However, if you do not carry out the process carefully, you may damage the materials the staircase is made of.

Here are some easy tips on how you can keep your stairs clean and safe.    


  • Keep Your Stairs Unoccupied   


Do not use your staircases to store anything whether it’s clothes, newspapers, or toys. Being bumped down the stairs may misplace things and can pose safety risks to those using the stairs. 


  • Do Vacuum Cleaning 


If you have carpeted stairs, make sure you vacuum them weekly. It’s better to use a hand vacuum cleaner with an extension cord so you do not need to carry it along the stairs with you. 


  • Clean Wooden Steps 


This tip is ideal for those who have wooden staircases in their houses. Use a clean cloth to wipe the dust off the steps, rubber treads, and other kinds of staircase coverings. Make sure the cloth you use is a thin and flexible fabric so it can easily manipulate for cleaning designs on your stairs.


  • Clean Auxiliary Steps 


Many homeowners overlook the auxiliary stair areas, such as landings, handrails, railings, and side panels when cleaning the staircase. Stair cleaning without including these parts in the process is simply incomplete and would give an obvious dirty look with clean stars.

Bottom Line  

Clean and well maintained staircases look great and add an amazing accent to any floor of your house. Since you use the stairs to get up and down in your home, it makes sense to keep them clean, safe, and orderly. 

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