The Benefits of Serviced Accommodation

The Benefits of Serviced Accommodation

Whether you are a regular traveler who is tired of hotels or an occasional one who is looking for extra comfort or additional services, serviced accommodation are right up your alley. According to booking sites, a hotel stay is often deemed to be the only option for people on a leisure or business trip. In the past, this was indeed the case, but times have changed and now you have the option of exploring serviced accommodation. This can offer you numerous benefits, some of which are:


Opting for serviced accommodation gives you more room to cook, work, relax and sleep. On average, you can expect to enjoy 30% more space than an average hotel room. A typical one bedroom service apartment is twice the size of that of a hotel room.


Some people don’t consider serviced accommodation because they believe that they would have to sacrifice the services you get at a hotel. However, serviced accommodation has seen a global growth, with HBAA confirming that the supply has grown by nearly 10% since 2011 while the sector growth has tracked above 17%. Would this happen if it was any less than a hotel? Certainly not. The beauty of serviced accommodation is that you can use as much or as little service as you like. Luxury serviced accommodation also boast 24-hour concierge services, maid service, dining options and more.


One of the best things about serviced accommodation is that you can find it in great locations. They are available in nearly all notable cities all over the globe and unlike hotels, they don’t just generally focus on main areas. You can find them in different areas that enable you to live like a local and experience the culture firsthand instead of as a tourist. Plus, you can also come and go as you please and follow your schedule for eating and working.




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