Top 5 Personalised Gifts in 2019

Top 5 Personalised Gifts in 2019

What do you buy for the person who has everything? Brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, boyfriends, girlfriends… they can all be hard to buy for.

There are a couple of great gift concepts that take away the anxiety of wondering whether or not they’ll like it – personalised gifts, and novelty gifts. Or better still, a personalised novelty gift! Because then you know they’ll love it, and if they don’t, at least you’ll get a good laugh out of it.

In large part thanks to the internet, if you can imagine something being personalised, it probably already exists – and there is probably a company out there waiting to do it for you! To save you the bother, we have scoured the internet to find five of the most weird and wonderful personalised gift ideas for this year.

1. Maps

A personalised map can make a great personalised gift. They are generally pretty cheap to create and buy as most websites use some form of Google Maps API, but they look great!

There are numerous websites that specialise in this area, or you can just search Etsy for ‘personalised maps’ and you’ll find countless individuals willing to create a great, unique gift for you.

2. Condoms

This one is definitely more on the weird side, but it’s actually very easy to give the gift of a personalised condom! Companies like Custom Condoms specialise in printing designs onto condom packets.

Whilst this concept may have originally been thought up as promotional condoms, with a minimum order of only 6 packets, it’s actually a very affordable option for a personalised gift. And before you ask, yes – the condoms are real and safe to use.

3. Chocolates

Chocolates could be considered a standard go-to for those times when you have no idea what to get for somebody… but they can also be a great romantic gift.

Personalised chocolates can include a personalised message or photo inside (or out), and add a thoughtful touch to this classic gift.

4. Cardboard Cut Out

Lifesize cardboard cutouts were once reserved for international celebrities… but not anymore! For as little as 30 dollars you can get a highly impressive (and slightly terrifying) cardboard cutout of your friends.

Keep in mind you will need to have a reasonably high quality image of your friend for this to work well.

5. Socks

Another reimagined classic. There’s nothing more disturbing than giving your friend, family member or significant other a pair of socks with your face printed all over them. So why not?

Well, there’s a lot of reasons why not so we’ll just ask… why? Because you can! It’s pretty funny, too. Some sites will even work their Photoshop magic as part of the service and cut your face out for you, before printing it on a comfy pair of socks.

The world is your oyster…

We’ve just listed five ideas to get the ideas flowing. The reality of it is, you’ll be able to find somebody willing to personalise whatever you can come up with.


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