12 Best Software Programs For Retailers

12 Best Software Programs For Retailers

There is an assortment of retailing software programs that are comprehensive, easy-to-use and contain important and useful features for the regular operations and tasks needed to be done by retailers on a daily basis.

1. Visual Retail Plus

Visual Retail Plus is one of the best modular software applications that come with various useful features such as reporting, POS, CRM, inventory management, time tracking and attendance tracking. Many retail chains use Visual Retail  Plus to carry out their relevant tasks with maximum ease and convenience.

2. NCR Counterpoint
It’s a user-friendly and easy-to-use  application for retailers with lots of amazing features. It allows users to perform a range of functions in a super easy way. For instance, automated purchasing, point-of-sale, built-in customer loyalty, configurable reporting, inventory management software, and built-in customer loyalty.

3. Tab Scanner

Tab Scanner is a perfect solution to receipt scanning needs. In addition to a well-developed OCR system, the software makes use of state of art Al that allow you to get extremely accurate receipt scanning that will be able to extract all data present in a receipt.

4. Retail Pro

Retail Pro is a popular retail management application that helps retailers with many important tasks such as inventory, POS, and store ops throughout devices and across channels.

5. Windward System Five

Tracking transactions is very crucial for a business no matter it’s big or small in size. Windward System Five is a software that is designed to make it easy to trail your sales transactions, stock movement, tax transactions, label and barcodes printing, and gross profit.

6. POSExpress

Developed by POS Prophet Systems, this Point of sale software application is meant to ease retailing functional. The software is speedy, simple and secure to perform everyday task of any business.

7. Passport Business Solutions

Passport Business Solutions is a complete software package for retail chains. It offers affordable ERP, modular, accounting, and customer care. This retailing software by Passport Software is a popular choice for businesses of small and medium sizes.

8. PeachWorks

It’s an effective software that goes with many back-of-house operations of a restaurant. It’s a cloud-based app that includes numerous tools for inventory, reporting, scheduling as well as recipe management.

9. UAS

This software is an amazing invention for those who are looking for nonstop flow of data from a range of business operations to accounting. UAS is equally good for retail, equipment rental and distribution companies and can be purchased from the developer’s website for an affordable cost.

10. Wireless Standard

This software is an excellent creation by B2B Soft. Commonly known as Wireless Standard, the software is a cloud based POS application that includes carrier commission reconciliation and inventory tracking for retail chains.

11. Aralco Retail Systems

It’s another useful software that is designed to help you with various tasks such as back office analysis, multi-location retailing and reporting and point of sale.

12. Retailcloud
This new software serves you the best features that are amazingly increase your sales, provide you actionable reports and help you manage the inventory in a much more better way.

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