4 Marketing Tips That Improve Your Customer Relationships

4 Marketing Tips That Improve Your Customer Relationships

The relationship that marketers have with their clients is vital. Forming great customer relationships early on are the bedrock of a successful business. But that doesn’t mean that it happens automatically. We need to take some time and think about our relationships with our customers. Are we doing everything that we reasonably could to make their experience of our product enjoyable? If not, things need to change and change fast.

Many companies have a sense that their long term customers are important. But few know the figures. Research has found that a relatively small 5% increase in retention can boost profits by between 25 and 95 percent. That’s obviously a big deal and explains why we need to put so much effort into our customer’s relationships.

Personalise Your Emails

Some companies see clients in a statistical way. They believe that if they continue to spam customers with email marketing, something will eventually stick. There are even some companies that do this to existing customers. It’s cold and doesn’t make the customer feel valued.

The alternative approach is to make the emails personalised. This doesn’t just mean writing their name at the head of the email. (Although this helps). It also means sending them content that is relevant to their profile. Having different bins in which you place different customers will allow you to hone your marketing strategy. You can target specific groups of customers most receptive to particular messages.

Your Customers Are A Part Of Your Marketing Team

It might be news to you. And it is certainly news to your clients. But they are, in fact, part of your marketing team. There are, of course, sites you can visit now who will put your brand on practically any product you want. Customers walking around with your brand on their water bottles and keyrings is a good place to start.

But you can also leverage your customer’s word-of-mouth. If you have a good relationship with your clients, they’ll be willing to share that with the people that they know. People who are satisfied with a service will often go out of their way to bring your firm new business.

Let Customer Need Drive Content Creation

If your customers are other businesses, you’ll know the value of content creation. Creating compelling content that engages customers is a surefire way to attract people to your website.

But knowing what content to produce isn’t often a straightforward task. That’s why businesses should just go out and ask. Use services, like SurveyMonkey, to find out what is it that customers really want.

Create An FAQ Page

After only a short period in business, you came to expect some questions. And though you tried to answer these queries through your marketing and your branding, they’re still being asked.

One solution is to provide a comprehensive FAQ page on your website. The customer can use this as a first port of call if they have questions. Remember to listen to comments and update the page regularly as your business changes.

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