5 Best Ways to Control High Blood Pressure

5 Best Ways to Control High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure has been a sign of beginning of various dangerous diseases. Many people who are identified with high pressure find their blood pressure consistently higher than the normal range along with probability of being victim of serious health issues including heart attacks, kidney failure, and tangential arterial disease.

If you do not check your blood pressure or do not try to keep it under control, the symptoms of blood pressure can worsen, and often the first sign is obvious from reduced blood circulation in your one of both legs.

A number of physicians suggest the following ways to take care of high blood pressure symptoms.

1. Understand blood pressure levels

It shouldn’t be too hard. A simple understanding of blood pressure levels consist of two numbers that measure the levels.  One of the numbers known as systolic pressure records the blood pressure at its highest level for the reason that muscles in heart squeeze out the blood from it.  The other number known as diastolic pressure, records the blood pressure level after the heart comes in a relaxed position allowing the blood to gush back into the heart.

120 by 80 is a standard normal blood pressure level to be considered by most physicians. If you are diagnosed with high or low blood pressure, you should keep a record of your levels checked by health professionals like a nurse or doctor.

A blood pressure level showing 140 by 90 or even higher requires you to see your physician.

2. Ensure Health Checks

According to most physicians, people with high blood pressure may look well and feel themselves in good health whereas some patients do not feel any symptoms.  In addition, high blood pressure has rare warning signs which could be harmful and in some cases deadly.  Therefore people with high blood pressure should have health checks specially blood pressure checks on regular basis.

3. Deal with Your Stress Levels

High blood pressure has no proven scientific association with stress.  However, human body releases adrenalin and cortisol hormones when a person is stressed that causes his/her heart beats faster. Doctors say stress can be a reason of a temporary spike in blood pressure but when stress subsides, your blood pressure comes back to its normal levels.

4. High Blood Pressure in Family History Is Important to Be Aware Of

A person with a family history of high blood pressure is at higher risk of getting the condition turning worsened. To prevent the harm, one has to take care of his/her diet, avoid inactivity and alcohol consumption, and so on. Since the lifestyle of a person has a great impact on his/her health, these measurements should be taken under good care.

4. Scarp salt in your diet

Foods that are high in salt contribute in effecting high blood pressure levels.  Salt contains sodium which produces greater fluid volumes in body causing blood pressure levels increased.  Physicians suggest consuming lots of fresh fruits and vegetables that are full of potassium and help lowering blood pressure levels.

5. Lose weight

There is a vital connection between blood pressure and body weight. Excess fats can cause strain on your heart causing it a difficulty in pumping blood around the body.   Losing weight helps you reduce your high blood pressure.

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