6 Tips To Make Your Formal Dressing Perfect For Your Personality

6 Tips To Make Your Formal Dressing Perfect For Your Personality

Dressing is not an easy task and most people would agree with that. While it is easy to don your casual t-shirts and trousers when going out with your friends to have some fun, things get quite difficult when you have to dress for an occasion. The youth belonging to the modern generations is not that welcoming when it comes to wearing formal dresses. However, there are times when you have to be at an occasion and must dress accordingly. Artists have to be part of dinner parties and other similar occasions and wear such dresses even if they don’t like formal dressing.

One important thing that a person must know about formal dressing is that it is not cheap. You have to prepare to spend quite a bit of money in order to get a fully formal dress. This is the reason people who are not very rich or don’t belong to upper and higher class of the society choose to rent their formal dresses. There is nothing wrong in renting the dress as it is a common practice for people who don’t own formal dresses. If you are about to wear the formal dress for the first time, here are the top 6 tips for you.

  1. Know The Different Types Of Formal Dressing

Before you even spend your money on buying or renting a formal suit you must know the different types of formal suits and dressings. It is a misconception that the same coat would be suitable for all formal occasions. There are many different types of formal dress codes.
The strictest formal dress codes are white tie and black tie. Business formal dress code is not as strict as the two mentioned before. Furthermore, the type of dress you wear can also change according to the time of the day.

  1. It Is Not Only About Your Coat And Trouser

It would be wrong to say that coat and trouser are the only 2 things to focus when dressing formally. The shoes you wear and many other accessories worn according to these dress codes are also pre-defined. Waistcoat is another important accessory that becomes a necessity for white tie dress code events. Similarly, you have to wear a waistcoat at black tie events too but you can choose to wear a cummerbund instead. The shirt you wear inside the coat also needs to be white and cuffs and collars must be starched.

  1. Remember The Colors For Formal Dressing

It is not enough for you to be wearing a tuxedo, dress shoes and other required accessories at a formal event. The dress code is also followed by a color code. When going to a white tie or black tie event you can’t go beyond black, white and dark blue colors. When it comes to dressing formally for business events you can experiment with a few colors but again the colors must be conservative. Most recommended colors are grey, black, dark blue etc. Shirts are recommended in white and creamy colors. Don’t experiment with them too.

  1. Knowing The Minor Details Of Your Dress

If you have in mind to buy your own formal dress or have it stitched by your favorite tailor, know these important things. You can choose between shawl collar and pointed lapels when having your coat designed. The front facing of lapels must be made with silk or grosgrain. The side seams of the pants must be braided. The pants must not have cuffs at the bottom for white tie and black tie events. Turndown or winged collar is a must for your shirt and it should be either white or creamy in color.

  1. Looking Cool As A Whole

To look formal you have to make sure you are presenting yourself as a gentleman as a whole. Dressing in a tuxedo or tailcoat wouldn’t be enough if your hairstyle looks as if you were about to do a death metal concert. Men are highly advised to leave their earrings behind and get rid of any unusual piercings – tongue piercings most specifically. Your overall conduct should also be formal because people around you would expect that. Learn the right ways of standing, sitting and talking when dressed formally.

  1. Preplanning Everything

If you know already that you might have to go to a formal occasion because of your career you must plan for it in future. Don’t leave a decision to be made right at the eleventh hour. The dress you wear must be a perfect fit for you. The coat should be hugging your body and the trousers must not be too loose or too tight. It is best that you visit the best tailor and make this onetime expense whole heartedly. Keep enough time with you to get a perfect fitting formal dress even if you have to rent one.

There is a lot of material available online for you to know more about formal dressing. www.buttonupamonth.com is a place where you can order formal shirts online and also learn a lot about formal dressing on website’s blog. Formal occasions are places where you wouldn’t want to experiment your creativity and improvisation skills.

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