6 Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic Immediately

6 Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic Immediately

Imagine the situation when you hit the publish button on your latest blog post and you anticipate comments and shares to flood in. But unfortunately, nothing happens. People haven’t even seen your article, let alone read it and comment on it. You feel depressed and you want to kill your blog just because you aren’t getting enough traffic. Well, it’s time for you to revamp your website and follow a set of proven steps that can boost your blog traffic.

1. Content Curation

Content curation is a process of gathering information or collecting content relevant to a particular topic. According to a survey by Trapit, 74% of the marketers say that content curation is an important aspect of their business strategy. Curation can help build a trust among your visitors as they can easily find content relevant to their needs. For example, a tech blog giving insights about smartphones is likely to draw more audience for a search related to smartphones than a blog which gives the features about all varieties of latest gadgets.

One of the key mantras in content curation is to Keep Experimenting! Try different headlines and share on social media intermittently. Then find out what exactly clicks with the audience. Further, a blogger should include a variety of content types, such as infographics, podcasts, videos, e-books, and articles. It has been found that articles with images get 94% more views than articles with mere texts.

2. Keyword Research

Whether it’s a typed query in Google search box or a question in Quora, keywords show the intent of the user and hence, they are important. As a blogger, one must strive to satisfy the intent of the visitors and thus, win their loyalty. Keyword research is a process that involves using several tools and techniques to refine your SEO efforts. It helps you to identify the topics that audience will find useful and informative.

If you are a new blogger out there, then target the long tail keywords. You should get high-quality backlinks to your articles. You can also link to other similar articles you have written. Internal linking is a key aspect of SEO. The websites with a large number of backlinks rank highly in Google search results.

3. You Will Not Get It Unless You Ask for It

Promoting your content is important for a successful blog. You can go for paid strategy or affiliate marketing to reach your set goal. A simple way to promote your content is using the right set of hashtags. Social media marketing has helped several bloggers to establish themselves.

4. Optimization for Accelerated Page Loading

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) versions of the websites load faster on mobile devices. AMP can reduce your bounce rate. Using AMP, you can analyze visitor counts, new versus returning users, clicks, conversions, link tracking and more. Smartphone is currently driving all growth in web traffic. Faster loading of web pages can lead to a spike in visitor engagement. Responsive Web Designing of your website is another way to help load websites faster.

Hence, optimizing your content for search engines is a valuable practice which can lead to faster loading of web pages. You don’t need to know the ABCs of Search Engine Optimization. You can look for a website that does it for you. Google’s Page Speed Insight tool can also help you determine your speed score.

5. Team Up

Join a blogging community. Share good rapport with other bloggers in your niche. You can post links to some of their websites in your articles and ask them to do. Instead of spamming your website links in the comment section of several blogs, you can, in fact, write a guest post. You can even invite others to guest blog on your website. You can also request industry experts in certain areas to give their opinions. Not only does this add credibility to your content, but also increases the website traffic.

6. Free Giveaways

Everyone likes gifts and winning contests. But the essence of these contests is not the prize, rather the thrill and fun associated with them. Interesting contests and giveaways can boost your web traffic. You can run a small survey at the end of the contest. That way, you can know what exactly is popular on your website and hence, you can restructure your content accordingly. You can also find a sponsor to help you with the contests.

Some of these tips may seem to be so simple, yet newbies forget them and thus, lose a major share of their revenue. Now that you know where you are lacking as a blogger, it’s time to tighten your laces and start working on your lacunae. Happy blogging.

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