7 Outstanding Jewelry Trends for The Elegant Look You Desire

7 Outstanding Jewelry Trends for The Elegant Look You Desire

Almost every woman loves jewelry. Even if you are not a big fan, you realize that sometimes you have to have jewelry for completing the look of an outfit. Otherwise, it just comes off as incomplete and you are not able to shine as you want to. Whether you are a jewelry girl or not, there are some fashion jewelry items that are considered essential for every woman. You cannot do without these staples in your jewelry drawer or box.

Some of the top fashion jewelry items that you should definitely invest in are outlined below:

1.      Pearl String Necklace

Every classy fashionista needs to have a pearl string necklace for complementing your pearl stud earrings. They are amazing for achieving a sophisticated, chick and classy look and also creating a juxtaposition. Nonetheless, you need to ensure that you choose a length that doesn’t choke your neck or make it look shorter. It is best suited for long necks, but that doesn’t mean you cannot pull it off with a small one. The ideal length for a pearl strong necklace is between your collarbone or just above your bust.

2.      Pearl Stud Earrings

Not too flashy and pretty, a pair of pearl stud earrings can work out well on numerous occasions and with different outfits. They are considered great for going to the office, school or even for a visit to your in-laws. When you are buying your first pair, go for a size that doesn’t go past your earlobes. Large pearls are typically used for making a fashion statement; neutral stud earrings are a staple. Make sure they go with your skin tone. For instance, opt for silver, rose pink or pure white if you have a cool skin tone.

3.      Crystal Stud Earrings

These work wherever, whenever and for whoever; it doesn’t matter if its night or day, school or work or a special occasion. The crystal stud earrings are deemed to be an excellent option for adding a subtle sparkle to your outfit without looking excessive. There are different sizes of these studs that can be found and you can choose one that appeals. If you cannot splurge on diamonds, you can always go for Cubic Zirconia without having to make any compromises in terms of quality.

4.      Cocktail Ring

Every chic fashionista needs to have a versatile and elegant cocktail ring. Rings are an excellent alternative for bracelets and they can add a pop of interest to just about any outfit. It is best to look for something eye-catching and classy, but be mindful of the size. If you have small hands, don’t go overboard and get it in a small size. Similarly, you should get one in a neutral color such as creams, browns. You can go for dark and black if your personal style leans towards dramatic and edgy.

5.      Hoop Earrings

Some of the stylish jewelry essentials that every woman needs to have include the versatile hoop earrings. They are known to add that extra spiff of funk and class to outfits and can be found in various sizes. You should opt for one depending on your facial shape, facial features and your overall structure. Go for smaller and thinner hoops if you have small facial features. They can also be found in several shapes including square, pearl and oval and you should opt for one that suits you most.

6.      Statement Necklace

Every woman needs at least one good statement necklace for bringing a boring outfit to life. Think colors, gemstone beads, large chains, several layers and so on. Nevertheless, it is completely dependent on your personal taste and style. The whole point of a statement necklace is that it should be in contrast with the plain tee or top.

7.      Chandelier Earrings

You need to have at least one pair of dangle earrings that are great for adding the glam-factor to a party dress or a cocktail outfit. The ideal choice in this regard are chandelier earrings and they can work for various occasions. You can look glamorous and chic with these earrings without making a lot of effort. However, you should get your first pair in either neutral gold or silver and with clear crystal embellishment like diamonds.

These are some of the basic and essential fashion jewelry items you need to have in order to give finishing touches to your whole outfit, regardless of the occasion and place. Once you have accumulated these, you can work on building up your collection.

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