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Alibaba Hiring in Microsoft and Amazon’s Backyard

The largest e-commerce firm of the world, the Alibaba Group of China has started hunting for staff in Seattle, which is the home ground of Microsoft Corp and Amazon Inc. As the firm ramps up its operations in the US, its hiring spree is focused on cloud-computing savvy individuals. According to the ads posted on LinkedIn, there were three open positions available in Seattle in the past week and two of them allowed applications for the Silicon Valley offices of Alibaba. Some of the recruiters in the area said that the hiring drive of the company had come to their attention and it suggested that not only was Alibaba looking to hire staff from its competitor Amazon, but from Facebook and Microsoft too.

LinkedIn’s data has revealed that some of Microsoft’s and Amazon’s staff has already been hired away. The data list of LinkedIn shows that the top firm from which from which former employees have moved to Alibaba is Microsoft. However, the location of the hiring in Microsoft and Amazon was not specified by the collected data, but it did show that 20 recruits at the Chinese company working at unspecified posts had previously been employed by the software giant. With these job offers, Alibaba has also joined the increasingly fierce competition of tech giants for cloud computing talent in Seattle and Silicon Valley.

The company has gone on a hiring spree as late last year, it opened a research and development center right in Amazon’s and Microsoft’s backyard. For now, the firm’s arrival in the tech job market isn’t likely to be a cause of concern for most of the major industry incumbents. These incumbents have resorted to some really imaginative and interesting tactics in the past few years for recruiting the scant number of human resources. The recruiters have said that the number of hires of the Chinese company are still quite low because the firm’s move in the area is still at an early stage.

However, some recruiters have said that Alibaba is seeking new blood at Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook in the Seattle area, especially developers. They said that the company wants to get a footprint in the US so they will want to be mobile and web based, for now at least. Therefore, there is no better place for them other than their rival Amazon. No details were provided by Alibaba about the recruitment. The talent hunt by Alibaba coincides with a greater push in the United States this year for winning over US business.

This will give American retailers new opportunities to sell to the vast and growing middle class in China. The company launched a cloud computing hub in Silicon Valley on March 4th, which was its first outside China. At least 10 computing experts or software engineers have been hired by Alibaba from either Amazon or Microsoft since July 2014 and with the exception of 1, they are based in the Seattle area. But, the company refused to allow its hires to make any comments.

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