Angelina Jolie Is Going Through a Lot With a Small and Open Heart

Angelina Jolie Is Going Through a Lot With a Small and Open Heart

There aren’t many people as open hearted and courageous as Angelina Jolie in the world. What she is going through is painful but the way she appears before the public and expresses herself is a restoration of faith in hope and optimism.

Angelina Jolie is an Oscar award winning 39-year old actress. She is also a filmmaker and a person who has visited the farthest corners of the world as a humanitarian. She also happens to be the highest paid actress that Hollywood has seen.

Angelina Jolie is a unique asset for Hollywood. On the one hand she has performed a lot in biographical films that appeared on TV and at the same time she has an iconic name in action movies. Her real action oriented acting began with her fame from Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, a game in which she appears as the heroine.

Having said that, she is recently going through a lot of pain. She recently had 2 mastectomy procedures done in 2013, which means she had her breasts removed. The reason for going for this procedure was because she has the gene that is highly prone to getting breast cancer because she inherits the BRCA1 gene.

This was just one of the procedures she went through. The most recent surgery she has had is the removal of her ovaries. This was a preventative surgery meant to prevent the occurrence of cancer in her ovarian and fallopian tubes. These procedures, however, were not performed because she had cancer but because there were signs that she might develop cancer in future.

A big reason why Angelina Jolie chose these surgeries is because cancer runs in her family. The death of her mother also came when she had already dealt with cancer for a little more than 10 years. Additionally, her grandmother had also lost her life due to cancer. Her aunt was no exception to this too.

Even after going through such severe surgical procedures, she made an appearance on media with a smile on her face. The Kids’ Choice Awards ceremony was the event where she made her appearance. The awards took place in Log Angeles and Angelina had to come there because children had chosen her as their favorite villain.

She appeared at the awards with her two children. She also thanked the children in her speech for voting her as their favorite villain.

In her speech she gave an advice to the children and said that being different was a great gift to have and that if they feel different they should be proud of it. She mentioned her childhood in front of the children so they could feel more related.

Most people have admired Angelina’s courage for speaking out openly in the public about her procedures. While some people have been saying that she should not have gone through all this all based on “chance”, they need to understand that having several cases and deaths in the family due to cancer is already strong enough sign for her to take preventative measures.

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