Another Failed Photoshop Attempt From Lindsay Lohan

Another Failed Photoshop Attempt From Lindsay Lohan

The once famous singer and model, Lindsay Lohan, is facing a lot of criticism for her juvenile acts in the recent times. It happens quite often that celebrities who get immensely popular can’t handle the very phase of their lives when their fame starts to diminish. As sad as it sounds, that’s the same phase Lindsay Lohan is going through. She has done a lot of things in the recent past that have attracted the anger of even her craziest fans. This year she has picked up the job of photoshopping her selfies but more than this she seems quite consistent at being caught on every photoshopped picture.

Just recently she posted a picture of her on Twitter while boasting the new training she is going through to make her waistline look great. However, it didn’t take long for the internet population to realize that the image had been photoshopped. She is only 28 years old right now but it seems she is too worried about her fame and popularity. She continues to post her selfies that have been photoshopped and this recent image is 3rd in the lineup. In this recent picture she is wearing a corset that’s supposed to make her waist thin and bring it in shape.

In the picture she is standing in front of a stair and that’s where she made the mistake. The stairs behind her seem curved right at the point of her waist. This pretty much shows that she specifically photoshopped her waistline and then bragged about it in her tweets. As it happens, the fans and followers started tweeting about the photoshop fail as soon as the picture was uploaded. Some talked about it in a very funny and sarcastic way while some tried to give her some advice on why she should not resort to such acts to look good.

Just a few days ago she had made another blunder. The big problem with her is not that she wants to look good in her photos but that her photoshop skills are not good at all. In another picture she posted a month ago she was standing leaning forward while flaunting her beautiful legs and a cute behind. Once again it didn’t take her fans very long to know that this image was photoshopped too. In this picture the door behind her was noticeably curved right close to her hip which showed that this image was photoshopped too.

Just the start of this year was a photoshop fail start for Lindsay Lohan. It is quite irritating and yet mystifying that she doesn’t care about her past blunders with the same software and continues to post pictures that fans can easily bust. There was a picture she posted in January where she is taking another selfie right beside the bathtub. Right close to her waistline there is something wrong and one could tell it easily by seeing how her waist actually looks in the image. The waist is thinner than it should be and that’s something you would easily notice.

However, the bigger blunder in the picture is the things in the background. Right next to her waistline there are some bottles behind her in the picture. The bottles on the right side of the picture are slanted in a very unnatural way. It can be clearly seen here that she worked on this part of the picture to make her waist look slimmer. Talks about her blunders on photoshop have spread on the internet and social media is full of images of the funny comments that her fans are leaving on her recent photoshop fail.

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