Apple Makes Gains at Google’s Expense

Apple Makes Gains at Google’s Expense

According to a market tracker, the latest iPhones seem to have done the job for Apple Inc. This is due to the fact that the company was able to gain smartphone market share in China and Europe as a large number of customers chose to make the switch from their Android devices. It was also revealed through the market tracker that ‘phablet’ or large screen smartphone market in the US has just quadrupled in the past year and this seemed to help the iPhone maker as far as the iPhone 6 Plus is concerned.

It was also revealed by the newest data that in the first quarter, the market share of Apple Inc. saw a hefty boost and rose to 26.1%, which is higher than the 17.9% for the same period in the previous year. Meanwhile, the market share of Android in China was down by eight points to 72%. As compared to the US, China has become the major volume driver for the US. The newest data also showed that the Cupertino, California-based giant also lifted its smartphone share in the five largest markets of Europe by 1.8 to 20.3 percent in this quarter. One third of the new customers of the company in this market were those who had switched from Android. These five markets are Germany, France, Italy, Britain and Spain.

An analysis of the reports showed that the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus continued to attract customers in numerous markets in Europe, including people who had previously been Android users. There was a decline in Android’s market share in the big EU markets as compared to last year. The share was reduced to 68.4%, which is around a 3.1 percentage points reduction. However, the price advantage means that the Android operating system of Google Inc. still remains dominant.

Even though 25.6% of the new buyers of iOS in Great Britain had switched from Android in the first quarter, the leadership of the Android OS remains strong because of the price options it offers. 35% of the consumers who had purchased an Android device in the first quarter of the year said that their decision had been primarily driven by the fact that they would get a very good price for the smartphone. Another 29% said that getting a good deal on the contract or tariff was an important factor in their choice.

Within the US, the market share of Android OS made a modest gain of 0.2% market share to 58.1% while the same amount was lost by Apple Inc. as their share reduced to 36.5% as it lost a little momentum after the big surge it saw in 2014. The results of a survey indicated that US customers are now showing a preference for ‘phablets’ or bigger phones as they want displays to be about 5.5 inch or bigger. This is about 21% of all the smartphone sales made in the US in the first quarter, which is considerably higher than the 6% a year ago.

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