Apple Makes Upgrades and Launches at WWDC 2015

Apple Makes Upgrades and Launches at WWDC 2015

With the popularity of streaming music services such as Spotify and Pandora, iTunes had become rather stale and apparently Apple wasn’t unaware of this critique. With so much competition in the market, the iPhone maker was aware that it would have to grab the attention of the entire industry while trying to catch up and that’s exactly what it did with a complete overhaul of the firm’s music products, which include the integration of Beats music service with its own since it was acquired for $3 billion last year. The reveal was made at the Cupertino, California based firm at its annual conference WWDC 2015 for software developers.

In order to match its rivals like Spotify and Google and still appear ahead on the tech scene, Apple took the assistance of some celebrities including the rapper Drake and the movie director J.J. Abrams. In an interview after the event, the company’s head of software and internet services, Eddy Cue said that Apple hadn’t made the first phone nor was it the first music player because that isn’t revolution. He said that revolution was bringing the best product forward that could offer the highest quality. The introduction of the music service was only part of the announcement that the US tech giant made.

It also detailed new and upgraded versions of its software systems for Macs, iPads and the iPhone, which offer new features like public transit directions to the firm’s mapping software. This feature has been supported by other mapping providers such as Google for years. Apple has always had a policy of offering high-quality and exclusive software in order to lure customers towards its Macintosh computers and iPhones, but there was a slip in quality last year. The latest versions of the Mac operating system and the iPhone had some major bugs and the most popular was one that disable cell signals of lots of iPhone users.

To avoid this from happening again, upgrades were introduced by Apple for its mobile and computer systems i.e. iOS and OS X. The company had focused on enhancing things under the hood like performance, stability and battery life. For phones, the iOS 9 has been introduced, which has expanded some existing features like he voice-controlled assistant Siri. Some of the changes made to the iOS will also have an impact on the way iPads work. A split-screen mode was introduced by Apple, which can be used for running multiple apps side-by-side.

According to Guy Galboiz, an internet entrepreneur, this is a major change from the existing interface, which loads just one app on the whole screen. According to rumors, this change has been made in anticipation of introducing a jumbo iPad, which the technology giant intends to market to professionals. El Capitan is the new system for Mac, which focuses on improving the existing features. A button was also added to the Safari web browser for muting sounds, which play unexpectedly on a webpage. It also boosts performance as the firm said that apps would start faster than before and switching between apps would also be quicker.

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