Best Instagram Marketing Tips for Brands

Best Instagram Marketing Tips for Brands

According to the most recent statistics, the monthly active users of Instagram has surpassed an astounding 800 million. Looking at the platform now, it is tough to believe that Instagram was the immature and younger sister of Facebook once upon a time. These days, Instagram has been adopted by businesses and brands as one of their primary revenue generating tools. Instagram ads have one of the highest engagement rates and you can post photo ads, video ads as well as stories ads on the social platform. Moreover, demographic data is used by Instagram for delivering ads to the appropriate audience, which has boosted their effectiveness.

Hence, Instagram has a lot of potential engaging and converting leads, partners and also current customers. But, how to go about it? Here are some great Instagram marketing tips that brands will find immensely helpful:

Use an actionable Instagram hashtag

The best part about this strategy is that it can also be leveraged on other social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. Nonetheless, it works really well on Instagram and is the ideal way to get the audience to engage with your brand. Hashtags tell the audience what the post is about and those interested in it will find you easily.

Relate to your audience

You have to understand the mindset of your target customers. This means coming up with buyer personas, which gives you an idea of the kind of leads you are nurturing. Knowing them is essential if you want to relate to them. Social media is all about cutting down the barriers in communication and opening up new doors. For instance, if your target clientele has an interest in arts and crafts, you can post pictures about it. However, you should remember to link it to your brand as well.

Don’t over post

This is rather self-explanatory, but is something that lots of brands need to understand. You don’t want to clog the newsfeeds of your followers because this may push them to unfollow you. The key is to find the sweet spot when it comes to posting so that you are able to get the kind of response you want. This requires some experimentation, but you will eventually find your way.

Grow your Instagram following

You need to grow your Instagram following for your marketing to be successful and effective. One way to go about it is to start following the people who you want to get as followers. Like, comment and interact on their posts to get them to notice you. You can also buy real Instagram followers to increase your exposure on the platform and get noticed by others.

Promote your Instagram everywhere

You need to leverage Instagram just like you do with your other social media profiles. Add an Instagram icon on your website and product pages along with other social icons. Run your Instagram campaigns across all networks to draw in your existing as well as new audience.

The key is to be consistent and your efforts will pay off in huge ROIs from Instagram marketing.

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