Best Styles for Bridesmaid Dresses in 2016

Best Styles for Bridesmaid Dresses in 2016

You are finally planning your wedding! Sure, there is plenty of excitement because you cannot wait to start a new life with someone you love. But, before you can do that, you have to have a wedding, which means lots of decisions to be made. This also includes the very important task of naming your bridesmaids and then choosing their bridesmaid dresses. After all, you don’t want them to look bad on your wedding, do you? There are lots of cute dresses you can find for your bridesmaids, but when you are looking for their dresses, you need to ensure that you opt for styles that can flatter their features and figures.

You can look for the most flattering silhouettes and details in online boutiques and then place your order. This way, you can ensure you are making a wise choice and can find the right style that will make your bridesmaids feel confident and appear gorgeous. Here are some of the best styles for party dresses that you can get for your bridesmaids:


You can create a super-slimming silhouette with the diagonal pattern of ruching as it draws the attention inwards.

Waist Detail

You will also find dresses online that boast a sash or sparkly detail at the waist and this can emphasize the slimmest part of your bridesmaids’ physique.

Wrap it

Your bridesmaid has the freedom of going with a style that flatters them the most when you opt for a dress that ties and twists in a variety of ways.


Again, you can create a slimming effect with your bridesmaids’ dress by going with a two-toned piece in a vertical stripe pattern.


The strapless neckline is undoubtedly a classic choice, but you can also go with a one-shoulder style as this can offer you more coverage and is also immensely flattering.

Black Dress

The ultimate neutral choice for your bridesmaid dress is black, which can work on pretty much anyone. If you are worried that it is a boring choice for your bridesmaids, you can create a great look by handing them bright bouquets and some colorful hair accessories. This gives an excellent pop of color. You can do the same with a navy blue dress.

Long Chiffon

You can choose a long empire-waisted gown for bridesmaid who don’t have a very taut tummy and don’t want the dress to showcase it. This kind of dress is comfortable and also quite flattering.

Arm Coverage

If it is a summer wedding, you definitely don’t want to choose a dress that has full-on long sleeves. But, if your bridesmaids don’t like showing off their arms, you can go with lacy short sleeves or even cap sleeves for some coverage.


This particular silhouette is very flattering for nearly all kinds of figures, which has made it a popular choice for not just bridesmaid dresses, but also wedding gowns.

Matte Fabric

Last, but definitely not least, opt for matte fabrics like matte satin, jersey or chiffon as they conceal flaws rather than highlighting them.

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