Beware of Legionella, a Perilous Bacterium

Beware of Legionella, a Perilous Bacterium

Legionnaire disease is a legitimate public health concern that turns out to be life threatening. The fatality rate ranges from 5% to 30% in those who comes in the contact to the bacteria.

The bacteria Legionella is potent to deadly Legionnaires disease. It is a kind of acute pneumonia that bears the mortality rate of 5%. The scientists have discovered around 40 varied species of Legionella across the globe, but the microorganisms are responsible for causing the disease when these are exposed to contaminated water sources called as Legionella Pneumophila.

The disease presents flu-like symptoms such as fever, shivers, aching muscles, joint pains, severe headaches and gastrointestinal troubles. Severe cases of infection can even lead to diarrhoea, vomiting, kidney failure, mental confusion, and (sometime) death. It can also hamper the immune system of the diseased body.

The Legionella bacteria are usually transmitted through contaminated water. It is a natural inhabitant of freshwater. The bacteria can be found in water-based locations such as hot/cold water systems, spas, evaporative condensers, humidifiers, coolants in the machines, nebulizers and other domestic water systems.

The Legionella water testing has become the need of the hour. The testing process takes around 7-10 days as a result of the slow growth of the organism. Recently, many more technological experiments have taken in the field to cut down the testing process time to 3 days while using molecular testing techniques. Once this technology is accepted and recognized, it will present a significant advantage in the management of contaminated water systems.

The experts view that proactively managing the peril of Legionella bacteria in water bodies is the safest and cost effective method than responding to an outbreak after it has occurred. The building owners face the liability, claims and negative publicity if it has surfaced due to their negligence.

Thus, it is highly recommended to the operators, owners, employees to form a Legionella management and control program. It includes the regular testing and monitoring, in the areas where there is a high risk of Legionella infection. It serves the effectiveness of the control measures as well as extends a prior warning for an unforeseeable risk.

For many years, Aquacert has held accreditation for the Legionella Test. The culture based test method is also performed as per the ISO 9001 & 14001. The testing kits are both simple and easy to use. The innovative Legionella detection kit employs the latest quick test technology. Its multi-use analysis and design can be used for all types of waters, including showers, domestic hot/cold water systems, cooling towers and many more applications.

The kit assists in simplifying the risk management procedures. It leads to the rapid detection of Legionella bacteria with easy-to-follow-steps process. It is an ideal tool for the water treatment engineers. The portable and compact design of the testing kit makes it a handy device.

In short, Legionella bacteria are hazardous to health and life, so it becomes quite essential to combat its growth while keeping a constant tap on the water systems.

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