Can Venus Williams Still Make A Difference At The Age Of 35

Can Venus Williams Still Make A Difference At The Age Of 35

What sports especially tennis fan wouldn’t know about Venus Williams. This is one name in Tennis that would go down in golden words in the history of this sport. Venus Williams is the tennis player who hasn’t only done great in the court but a lot outside the court for tennis too.

Venus Williams is making a great come back at the Miami Open being played in Florida these days. While Venus is best known for her skills and tactics on a grass court, she has stunned the world with her performance on the hard courts in the Miami Open.

She has just beaten Caroline Wozniacki after an amazing 98-minute match. This needs to be noted here that Venus is currently at rank 16 whereas her opponent she has just beaten is ranked at 4. The match was a tough one at the end but Venus didn’t let it go into a third set by beating her opponent 7-6 (7-1) in a tie break of the second and final set.

She hit 40 winners during the match and that’s a good sign of her form. Even though there were a lot of unforced errors she still managed to win her points aggressively. In her last 10 matches she’s played against the players from top 10 ranks, she has won 7. However, we must not forget that she has been out of tennis action for 7 months due to Sjogren’s Syndrome.

This is a condition in which a person starts to feel fatigued, has a lot of joint pain and also experiences swelling. Numbness is also one of the symptoms of the disease. The fortunate event is that she has now been diagnosed with the disease but the bad news is that she thinks she has suffered a lot with this disease and it has taken a long time to get diagnosed properly.

She has been coming strong in the Miami Open, beating her opponents without reaching a third set. The important thing is that she has played some good players in the 2nd and 3rd rounds too i.e. Stosur and Radwanska. She will now face Suarez Navarro in the quarter finals of the open. If she continues to win it is highly expected that she will meet her sister in the finals of the open.

This is going to be a tough match if Venus continues to win her matches to reach the finals. Serena has been strong in her matches too, beating all her opponents in straight sets with a breeze.

Venus is now nearly 35 years old (she will be 35 in June) and this age is not considered the best age for a tennis player. However, she is looking in good shape and quite happy at the fact that her disease has been diagnosed finally.

Sjogren’s Syndrome is not a disease that can be cured completely and ended but there are therapies and certain medications that would bring the condition down to manageable levels and allow Venus to be on the court without worries. One big problem due to the disease has been that Venus lost her stamina completely. This is the reason she dropped out of the US Open of the year. She recalls it as a bitter decision but thinks that it would have made things worse for her had she not taken some time out.

Venus is the woman tennis player with 7 singles titles under her name. These statistics bring her to a tie with her little sister Serena Williams. She has also won 13 doubles titles in tennis. She holds an Olympic gold medal for singles titles and 3 medals for doubles.

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