Captain Of St. Mirren Injures His Teammate And Feels Embarrassed

Captain Of St. Mirren Injures His Teammate And Feels Embarrassed

Accidents can take place at any time and any place without prior notice and that’s why they are call accidents. While most of the accidents involving sportsmen are expected to take place during their games or press conferences, sometimes they can take place during training and practice too. It was an embarrassing moment for the captain of St. Mirren, namely Steven Thompson, when his attempt at a little joke proved to be injurious to one of his teammates.

The injured player of the team is John McGinn. John McGinn got his thigh pierced with a spiked pole when the captain threw it at him. McGinn is the young blood in the team at only 20-year of age and plays as the midfielder. This particular injury is going to keep him out of the game for nearly a month.

St. Mirren also won the match against Kilmarnock that took place on the past Saturday and the young injured player had to hear about this victory while lying in his bed. Steven Thompson is 36 years old and has commented by saying that he is extremely embarrassed at his act. He said he just wanted to have some fun and thought that what he was going to do was something funny but it wasn’t. He called it a disaster and said he feels guilty for doing this to his teammate.

As of the moment the team of St Mirren is not disclosing any further details about the matter and is of the view that the matter will be resolved by the team management internally.

The two players were doing practice at Ralston Training Complex when Steven Thompson threw the pole at McGinn. The pole entered nearly half an inch into the high of the receiver. However, thigh being the fleshy part of the body the damage has not been announced permanent or long term. After a month of rest the midfielder will be back to his job while the team management resolves the matter internally.

Steven Thompson has repeatedly felt sorry for his action and stated that he only wanted to pull a little joke on his teammate. He feels embarrassed and humiliated at the fact that his joke turned out in this way. While St Mirren is not agreeing to talk about the matter with media, no statements have been received from the injured McGinn about the incident and his reaction to it.

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