Covering your Summer Wardrobe Basics

Covering your Summer Wardrobe Basics

The arrival of summer means saying goodbye to dark tights and thick sweaters. It’s all about airy and light fashion that can keep you cool and stylish. If you want to mix and match your way through the sweltering and hot months elegantly, all you need are some chic wardrobe staples and a couple of key accessories. Here are some of the basics that can be of great help to every woman planning her summer wardrobe:

Fresh Frames

Getting a new and fashionable pair of sunglasses is essential because you will be spending a lot of time outside. Not only do they provide protection to your eyes, but they also come in various patterns, shapes and colors, which can be useful for adding a bit of style to almost every outfit. Don’t forget to get sunglasses that suit your face shape and get colorful ones that will complement your assorted wardrobe.

Oversized Men’s Watches

Summer is all about flowery skirts and flirty dresses. You can pair all that femininity by adding an oversized men’s watch to your vast accessory collection. A pure girly look will get just a little touch of toughness and cred with this particular accessory. Also, a woman’s wrist looks slender and slim in an oversized watch so you can get a delicate look with them too.

Comfortable and Stylish Shoes

There is no feeling equivalent to running barefoot on the beach with the sand under your feet. However, if you are a professional and city girl who hits their heels on the pavement regularly, the next best alternative is a pair of stylish and comfortable summer shoes. While the name may be dreadful, the clog is something that completes your summer. Perfect for the warm weather, these sandals may have a wooden foot-bed, but keep you cool and comfy. A flat-form shoe is the best choice when you are looking for both style and height. They have become the new staple as opposed to wedges.

Long Hemlines

While summer is the time when you show off your body, long hemlines flatter a lot of women and are quite trendy. When miniskirts seem inappropriate and cutoffs get boring, the maxi-skirt can be a beautiful and demure addition to your wardrobe. They are fun, simple and effortlessly chic. Whether its day or night, you can also opt for tail hems, where the dresses and skirts are cut longer in the back and are stylish too.

The White Blazer

As they last, white blazers tend to stand out for a lot of summers. In fact, it has become a timeless staple for your summer wardrobe and one crisp and new white blazer is going to last you the entire summer. It can be paired with flats and skinny pants during the day, but at night, you can pair it with sky-high heels and your black mini-dress and you are all set to go.

As long as your wardrobe has these basic items, you can rock on the entire summer in style.

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