Choose a Freight Forwarding Company

Do You Want to Choose a Freight Forwarding Company

Is a freight forwarding job a straightforward, simple job? You can handover your exports and imports to anyone claiming to be a freight forwarder or a freight forwarding company?

It is very important that you look for a freight forwarding company who actually knows to handle international shipping. There are many freight forwarders in the market, however, when it comes to choosing one, you must consider these tips to be confident in.

1. Look for an experienced freight forwarder

It is easy to initiate a freight forwarding company, but bear in mind it counts to have a lot of experience. The international shipping industry is not a cake-walk, it is a vital business sector, and if you are not aware of the details, your survival in the freight forwarding business will be numbered.

The freight forwarding company has to handle different situations such as the port shutdowns, dockworker strikes, needs to reroute cargo, handling the warehousing issues or smoothing customs, and so on. Experience counts a lot in freight forwarding company and this is because it can help you in avoiding warehousing, customs and in routing problems, before starting the international shipping.

2. Ask the freight forwarders about their agents or network, and also the countries they are importing and exporting

It is important to know for the international shipments to be handled locally. Thus, it means your freight forwarder must have a strong network. You must also know the cities or countries they have connections so that it facilitates your imports and exports. If you wish to import and export from and to Germany, there is no deal in knowing if the freight forwarder or the freight forwarder company connections are best in China.

3. Ascertain the freight forwarder offers the services you are looking for shipment

There is a need to look at the offers and the services the freight forward you wish to hire offers. A freight forwarder must be capable of handling ocean or air shipping. They should also handle the trucking or rail portion of international shipping.

In case you are looking for a port to port services and not door to door shipping, then it would not be of importance to know about their trucking option. Yet, there are more services that may be required and so look for a freight forwarding company or a freight forwarder offering warehousing, distribution, etc. They should also offer shipment tracking service for your satisfaction and peace of mind.

4. Good References and customer service

The company or freight forwarder you wish to hire must have good reference in the market informing they do a great job in handling and is not a red flag. Likewise, customer service is really important. You must know the time taken to answer your query by the freight forwarder.

In case, this is your first international shipping consignment, you will see how willingly they walk you through the procedure to ensure all go perfectly with your exports and imports.

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