Erectile Dysfunction

Don’t Let Erectile Dysfunction Become An Issue – Stop It Before It Can Begin

One of the major health risks that every man wants to avoid is erectile dysfunction. The thought of not being able to perform in the bedroom is enough to send a shiver down any man’s spine. But, that nightmare could become a reality for one in four men. To drill that statistic home, almost thirty million men deal with ED a year – that is just in the US alone. If you don’t want to become another statistic, you need to take preventive measures. Here is a list of the best available ones.

Watch What You Eat

A bad diet is bad for the heart, which means it is bad for the penis. In a lot of ways, the heart and the penis are directly linked. When you think about it, that makes a lot of sense. After all, the heart is the organ that pumps blood around the body. And, your ability to get an erection is based on blood flow to your penis. If you limit the amount of blood your heart can pump, you are going to suffer problems downstairs. A healthy diet will keep your heart healthy and strong, as well as your penis.

Maintain A Healthy Weight

You might think that this method and the one above are one and the same, but there is a difference. You can eat poorly without putting on weight and still affect your heart. However, putting on weight is much more hazardous. The extra weight makes it even more difficult for your heart to do its job effectively. Again, the blood flow to the penis is restricted because the blood flow is lower.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise is the best way to keep your entire body healthy. And, when you whole body is functioning properly, your penis will function. But, more importantly, you can use specific exercises to strengthen your core muscles around your pelvic region. Have you ever heard of Kegels? They are mostly associated with women, but they just as good for men as they are women. They work by strengthening the muscles around your penis. The effect is that they act as the foundation for your erection. Hopefully, you will be able to get and maintain an erection for longer.

Watch Your Testosterone Levels

After 40, a man’s testosterone levels tend to fall by 1.3% every year. Testosterone is a vital component of men’s health because it affects everything from fatigue and stamina to your sex drive. The equation is simple: the lower your testosterone, the greater the chance of ED. There are erectile dysfunction drugs that can help with this issue, but the best option is to visit your doctor. They will give you all of the information and advice you need to keep your levels steady.

Stop Smoking And Drinking

Alcohol and cigarettes can impair your blood vessels, which leads to erectile dysfunction. If you drink or smoke too much, the blood vessels around your body won’t carry as much blood. And, once they break, they are hard to repair.

If you stop it at its source, you won’t have to deal with ED.

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