DO’s and DON’Ts for Men’s Wedding Attire

DO’s and DON’Ts for Men’s Wedding Attire

A lot of guys have absolutely no clue of what to wear to a wedding. They either ask their girlfriends to go shopping with them the last minute and end up buying ties, shoes and coats they don’t want and all because they are following tradition. Moreover, it is not just the traditions that are the problem; the invitations themselves are a cause of confusion as their creative nature just make things more perplexing. You are either instructed to wear vintage, dress casually, beach formal, black tie or put on color coordinating outfit. Yes, wedding invitations can get a tad ridiculous.

Now, the wedding is drawing nearer and you don’t know what to do. This can put you under a lot of stress. Don’t worry, the following do’s and don’ts can help you out in such a situation:

Do opt for something traditional

It is tradition for a reason and weddings are the one occasion where you should follow them. A wedding is not a fashion show, which means you are not going to be the center of attention and you shouldn’t try to be. You should go for something traditional and leave experimentation for a different occasion altogether.

Don’t go underdressed

Again, the point of a wedding is not to grab anyone’s attention unless you are the groom. Underdressing is also a trick some often use for getting the spotlight and this should be avoided. It is true that you can do worse than wearing a shirt and tie, but there are lots of better options available as well.

Do choose a suit

Men have it easy when it comes to weddings because they can simply choose a suit to wear. It is a practical choice because you don’t have to pair an outfit together. A navy blue or solid gray suit looks excellent and also simplifies the whole process of dressing yourself up. You don’t have to think very hard about what to wear as you can wear the same shirt everyone and just change your shirt, tie and shoes.

Do select an appropriate tie

If you are a groomsman, you should know that traditional wedding ties are a part of your dressing. They are available in white, gray, black, navy or silver with a checked pattern. It is not necessary for them to match; they are just part of the traditional attire.

Don’t wear denim

Yes, Americans are very fond of jeans and wear them almost everywhere. Wedding is the one place you shouldn’t wear them. They simply don’t go and are not only going to make you look bad, but also not be appreciated by the hosts.

Don’t rent your clothes

You will never hear people compliment you over wearing a rented tux. Renting is only allowed if it is at the last minute. If you have time, it is best if you look for proper clothes because they will be according to your style preferences and fitting and will look good.

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