Dressing in Hippie Style

Dressing in Hippie Style

Just because you have fallen in love with the unique hippie style doesn’t mean that you are in for fringed vests and bell-bottoms from now on. This free-spirited aesthetic also includes dresses and some very pretty ones at that. Fortunately, hippie dresses will line up quite well with everyone’s tastes, including yours, as they are quite diverse in nature. Whether you love pieces reflecting nature or mod-inspired prints are more your speed, there are some dress options in the hippie-style that will make you feel harmonious and peaceful. Explore the options here:

Poetry in Print

When adhering to or creating a look that works for the hippie style, print can turn out to be an important element. The core of your approach should include earth-inspired and subtle colors because hippies believe in opting for natural dyes and print will take your dress to the next level. Mod-inspired fabrics like geometric designs inspired by the 60s or large graphic flowers in purple and orange tones will give you an early hippie look. The hippie movement also includes muted watercolor hues with realistic and pretty floral prints. However, when you want your dress to have the cool touch rather than feel like a costume, it is safe to go for a one-shoulder mini dress or other modern silhouettes.

Go with the Flow

The hippie philosophy indicates that everyone should go with the flow and that’s no different when you have to choose a dress. This can be accomplished when you are careful in selecting the fabric of your dress. Don’t go for anything made with stiff and heavy material such as wool, leather, velvet and heavy wool cotton are too heavy. Instead, opt for fabrics that can be lifted easily by a soft breeze. Lace detailing, lightweight woven cotton, rayon or layered silk chiffon can provide you the gossamer look you desire.

Far-out Silhouettes

An old shift or sheath isn’t the way to go. Just like you need the right fabric, you also need a silhouette that gives a flowing appearance. If you want to skip the printed fabric, take a look at the silhouettes of the 60s by giving some thought to length and shape. For instance, if you want an instant winner, a maxi dress is the best choice, especially one that has long flared sleeves or a sleeveless neckline. Go for a dress with a trapeze shape or an Empire waist if you are considering options for short dresses.

Tunic Time

If you are interested in purchasing a super versatile garment that can be worn all year round, you will never go wrong with a tunic. You can choose a shift dress that has poet i.e. voluminous sleeves or go for a peasant style dress that falls below your hips. This dress can be paired with wedged sandals in warmer weather. You can pair the tunic-style dress with ankle boots and skinny jeans in cooler temperatures or even with flat-form shoes and opaque tights. Your hippie look will be complete with these combinations.

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