Easy Tips To Safeguard Your Dog From Fleas

Easy Tips To Safeguard Your Dog From Fleas

Your pet can get infested with fleas through contact with other animals. Sometimes, it can happen simply because of the presence of fleas in the environment. Since, these insects have strong back legs; they can easily jump from one host to another or can even catch your dog from the environment.

Cleaning Is The Key

Cleaning is the most important factor to deal with the situation. Make sure you keep your pet clean and groom. Also, check for any signs of fleas or other infestations when you groom your pet. If you have long-haired dog, use a pin brush to groom him while for short-haired pets, you can use a bristle brush. Cleaning and brushing regularly can be effective for preventing fleas growing in your dog.

Using Dog Flea Collar

Fleas might be one of the most important considerations that dog owners have for their pets. The development of flea dog collars has made it very easy for you to provide your dog with best prevention and protection from this creepy insect. Most flea collars have two basic functions such as repelling i.e. emitting a gas that repel pests, and treating which uses a medicine that seeps into the fat layer of the dog’s skin and kills the fleas. Using flea collar for dogs indeed is one of the mot practiced and effective techniques of treating dogs for fleas.

Using Flea Comb

This is a very effective tool that is used to search for fleas on your dog. Get a flea comb and run it through your pooch’s fur commencing directly from his head, and then work back toward the tail. After running the comb for a few times, check the teeth of flea comb to see if it has caught up the fleas. Generally, a good quality flea comb should catch these pests from dogs. Now make a soapy mixture and dip the comb into it as it will kill the fleas. Use a clean cloth or rag to clean the comb for re-use as you would have to repeat the process after a few minutes gap. Once done, drain this soapy liquid in the sink and clean the area where you have applied this process on your dog. Last step is to wash your furry pal with organic shampoo and slightly warm water.

Regular Bath

Giving regular bath to dogs is found to be one of the best ways of preventing the dreadful condition. If you have recently used any anti-flea application or treatment on your pet, then it is advisable to place him in the tub with couple of inches of warm water and apply anti-flea soap all over his body. Then use hand shower to rinse off the soap from your dog. Make sure that water doesn’t go into the dog’s eyes or ears. When bathing your pet, remember to use the cosmetics i.e. shampoo or soap that are designed for their skin. Never use human stuff on animals as it can actually harm them in several ways.

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