Ed Sheeran Commends Taylor Swift As A Wingman

Ed Sheeran Commends Taylor Swift As A Wingman

The song writer and musician from England, Ed Sheeran, has now seen some bad days of his life. He’s one of the best singers you will hear today but with fame come troubles. He has recently broken up with his girlfriend of several years. Athina, his girlfriend, is a chef and she had her reasons to break up with Ed.

Just recently Ed was found admiring the other famous female singer Taylor Swift. He admired her by saying that she was a great wingman for him. Ed seems quite light about the situation and seems quite interested in talking about Taylor Swift. He also said that his friend Taylor Swift will be available at his service to help him find some other great girls for future relationship.

While talking about Swift he also commended the flirtation skills of his friend Shane Warne. Shane Warne is a former international cricket player who represented Australia as a leg spinner. Ed talked about his future and said that he would not want to go on a date in future.

Ed further mentioned that instead of going on dates with girls he would like to marry a girl and settle down. He said he belongs to a family where monogamy is considered the better way of living life and this is taught to them right from the childhood. He said his family traditions taught him that he would marry someone and stick to that person forever.

From what has been seen and observed it is clear that there were several reasons that caused the two persons to be separated. The most important occasion that seems to have caused Ed to be separated from Athina is BRIT Awards.

The after party is the point where it seems that Athina had decided not to stick with Ed anymore. Ed was heavily drunk at the after-party and was in such a bad position that he could not handle a girl in an appropriate manner. This girl was constantly annoying him and Athina took offense of this happening.

The decision of separating was taken by both after talking. However, the venue for this conversation was the airport. Athina had gone to the airport to see Ed off and that’s where they chose to talk about their relationship. It was decided that living in such a relationship was unjust for both.

It is being said that for Athina, Ed’s fame did not matter. She was not bothered by his fame. What she didn’t like was how Ed has been dealing with his fans, especially girls, who make vulgar offers to him.

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