Game of Thrones ‘Home’ Recap

Game of Thrones ‘Home’ Recap

After a year of speculation, everyone can now finally relax because we have learnt the fate of Jon Snow in Game of Thrones. Or at least, they can try after that scene with the baby and Ramsay Bolton. Let’s just handle things one at a time. First things first, it was good to see Bran return. The young psychic Stark lad was off the show for a year, but he is back and things have gotten weird for him to say the least. In his very first scene, he is off with the Three Eyed Raven and has journeyed through time to his father’s childhood. He gets to witness Ned Stark and his uncle Benjen Stark training in the courtyard of Winterfell.

But, most importantly, he gets to see his aunt, Lyanna Stark, a woman who grows up to change the course of history. She shows up to mix things up with her brother by enlisting the help of Willis, a rather large boy who is recognized by Bran as young Hodor. Bran is shocked to know that Hodor could speak much more than his name. Regardless, Bran, to his dismay, is snapped out of the vision by the Three Eyed Raven and the latter warns the young one of the risks of getting lost in his visions. Once awake, Bran talks to Hodor about his past, but Hodor has no other answer than his current name.

Bran leaves the cave to see Meera Reed, who is still mourning for her brother and doesn’t really care when Bran tells her that a war is coming. When Bran leaves, one of the Children of the Forest tells Meera that Bran is going to need her when he leaves, but her purpose remains ominous and unclear. Meanwhile at the Wall, Alliser Thorne and the rest of the Night’s Watch are breaking down the door to get to Jon Snow’s body, but then the gate is broken down by the Wildlings who have a giant. Once they see what a giant can do to someone who shoots an arrow at him, the Night’s Watch surrenders its weapons.

The men are taken to cells while Tormund Giantsbane goes to inspect Jon’s body and then talks about burning it. Skulls are also being smashed in King’s Landing by the mysterious Ser Robert Strong of those who are insulting Cersei. He goes to the Red Keep to accompany her to Myrcella’s funeral, but turns out that King Tommen has ordered her not to leave. Jaime is not very happy with these events and he challenges young Tommen. The King is just feeling ashamed as he cannot even protect his wife and mother from the High Sparrow and his bunch of religious zealots and he is still not allowed to see his wife.

Jaime tells Tommen to go see his mother while the one-handed warrior begins his brand of taunting with the High Sparrow. At one point, Jaime even reaches for his blade and the High Sparrow challenges him to do it, but they are surrounded by armed sparrows and the Kingslayer backs down. Tommen apologizes to his mother and admits his mistakes. He wants to exact vengeance on the sparrows and asks for her support and assistance. Back in Meereen, Missandei, Tyrion, Varys and Grey Worm are pondering over what to do.

The slave masters are taking control of their cities in Slavers Bay once again and Dany’s ships are burned. Tyrion reaches to the conclusion that the dragons are their only asset, but they have refused to eat since their mother left. Tyrion urges their releases and goes down to the dungeon to do it himself. This is a dream come true for him and he tells the dragons so. He earns their respect and trust this way and removes their chains. In the streets of Braavos, Arya Stark is still attempting to No One, which means getting her butt kicked by the Waif. Jaquen H’ghar shows up while Arya is flailing around and he offers her shelter, food and eyesight if she tells her name. She insists she is No One and he tells her that her begging days are over.

In the North, Lord Bolton is talking to Ramsay about consolidating their power with the aid of Stark bannermen including the Karstarks. He gets some good news; his wife, Lady Walda has given birth to a son. This doesn’t bode well for Ramsay as he stands to lose everything now. But, he gives his father a hug only to plunge a knife into his chest. The cover story is that Roose Bolton was poisoned by his enemies and now Ramsay is going all out. This means his stepmother and brother are in the crosshairs. Since he likes being an only child, he sets his bloodthirsty hounds to devour them.

From this horror we go to some other victims of Ramsay, Theon and Sansa who are camping with Pod and Brienne. Sansa urges him to go with her to the Wall and take the black but Theon wants to go home. We see Pyke, where Theon’s sister Yara is arguing with his father Balon, who doesn’t care about what she has to say. Turns out he doesn’t have to worry long as he is thrown over a creaky suspension bridge by his brother Euron. In the morning, Balon is given to the waves in typical Ironborn fashion. But, Yara cannot be the ruler as there will have to be a kingsmoot where the nobles choose their next king.

We go to the Wall again where Davos goes to see Melisandre and ask her to bring Jon back with her magical skills. Davos has seen the woman perform miracles so he is surprised to see her doubting herself and her god. The Onion Knight doesn’t really care much about the gods and he tells her so and asks her to try. Thus, begins the ceremony. The Red Witch washes off the blood from his wounds. She chants a prayer while trimming his long, black locks and his beard and then tossing them into flames. She prays some more and wets his hair.

She continues her incantations while keeping her hands on his body and she repeats the prayer with urgency each time. Ed, Tormund and Davos are looking on while she pleads to her god. The spell doesn’t work and everyone leaves with the exception of Ghost. The tension becomes unbearable just as Ghost stirs. Jon opens his eyes and breathes again.

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