Get Started Selling Wholesale Women’s Plus Size Clothing

Get Started Selling Wholesale Women’s Plus Size Clothing

There are some things you should know, skill sets that you should have and situations you need to be prepared for in order to break into the wholesale women’s jeans plus size business. Whether this is your first wholesale plus size clothing distributorship endeavor or you have been a wholesaler for other niches in the past, it is always good to go over the basics and make sure you are prepared to compete in the wholesale industry.

Getting a Quality Product

Women’s clothing is an intensely burgeoning niche for wholesalers so it is best to get in on the ground floor as soon as possible. Women’s shoes, women’s plus sized jeans, dresses are all great places to start with wholesale of women’s clothing are great places to start as these items are always in high demand. Make sure you speak directly to the manufacturers you are thinking of buying from. Developing a strong relationship with your supplier is crucial to success in the wholesale distribution game. Do your best to establish a transparent, communicative and mutually beneficial relationship with your manufacturers as these bonds will serve as the backbone of your wholesale business.

Most manufacturers will supply you with a sample of their goods so make sure you get samples from different manufacturers so that you can test the quality of the product for yourself. Also, always keep your buyers in mind. Are you selling to high-end department stores or to hole in the wall bargain shops? Who you sell to will have an impact on what products you should opt to wholesale.


Once you have decided on a product and manufacturer to wholesale women’s jeans plus size or other women’s clothing, it is time to negotiate prices. Wholesale by definition means large quantities of goods. Remember you are dealing in bulk so make sure your manufacturer can produce the volume you need to turn a profit. Try to get the best price initially but if you don’t get the price you want at first, don’t fret. Manufacturers tend to loosen up when they see you will be a consistent buyer.

Backend Operations

You should also be very familiar with backend operations if you want to be a successful wholesaler. Firstly, you must have a warehouse or at least a storage facility where you can receive, organize, manage and distribute your goods. Hiring an experienced warehouse manager is often a good idea to maintain order and efficiency.

Making sure you have a good logistics team so that orders get shipped promptly is also crucial. Keeping these basic tips in mind should set you up for success in the wholesale industry.

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