Gold Necklaces

Gold Necklaces: The Finest Collection of Beautiful Designs

Necklaces are very special component of jewelry that is liked by most women around the world. They often serve magical, traditional, spiritual or memorial purposes. Also, gold sets are used as sign of status since they are made up from gorgeous and attention-grabbing stones and expensive metals.

Fundamentally, a necklace has three basic components such as chain, band, or cords that wrap around the neck. These are melted down with pricey metals such as gold, silver, and platinum. Additional attachments are suspended or inset into the necklace to enhance its overall splendor. These attachments include pendants, amulets, lockets, crosses, and precious & semi-expensive metals such as diamond, rubies, sapphires, pearls, and emeralds.

Types of Necklace Designs
Ranging from traditional to modern, gold jewelry market has all kinds of designs to suit your taste. Besides silver and platinum necklaces, you can also find many gold necklace designs online that are unique and made from pure gold in order to be up to the mark.

Thread Necklace
Known as one of the most stylish necklaces, the thread necklace is made up from different colors of threads. The lengths of thread necklace vary from 14 to 20 inches, making it look really attractive. Necklaces with thread designs go perfectly with sarees, kurtis, and traditional shirts.

Opera Necklace
With varying lengths from 26 to 36 inches, the opera necklace presents a perfect match with gowns and deep-neck blouses. While it comes in numerous different styles, you can knot it up at the neckline to create a perfect vintage look for a party.

Bib Necklace
As name suggests, bib necklace designs are very much similar to a bib that covers the neck. It is one of the hottest fashion jewelry trends that are very famous amongst the ladies. The bib necklace best suits with kurtis as well as looks good on shawlar suits.

Princess Necklace
This is one of the most common types of necklaces available in the market. The princess necklaces can be made in different types of metals including gold and silver. Mostly, the lengths of this kind of necklace vary from 17 to 19 inches. The princess necklace is a great addition to the jewelry and looks great on traditional outfits such as sarees, gowns, and so forth.

Collar Necklace
Perfect for women with thin necks, collar necklace comes in 12 to 14 inches length. You can wear it to wrap your neckline for a fascinating look. Collar necklaces also offer an amazing look on dresses with boat necks, round necks, V-necks and turtle necks.

Choker is a unique necklace design that is worn close to the neckline. It’s a classic jewelry piece and looks great on all types of outfits including those you wear for official meetings.

Necklaces are the classic pieces of jewelry that have never lost their aesthetic appeal and value. They are considered as a crafty expression that comprises workmanship and design. Gold necklaces particularly bring charm to your jewel collection and add traditional beauty to your persona.

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