Green Energy Sector Booming in Post-Sanctions Iran: What It Means

Green Energy Sector Booming in Post-Sanctions Iran: What It Means

Since the American sanctions were lifted, Iran’s economy has opened up, and things are starting to change. One of the biggest sectors that are being helped by this is the green and renewable energy sector. Here’s what this growth really means for the country and the future of renewable energy.

Iran Has an Advantageous Topography

The first thing to note is that Iran has an advantageous topography, meaning that it’s suited to renewable energy generation. The landscape is mountainous and rugged, meaning that wind is in abundance, and the sun is always blazing in the sky. These conditions make the country perfect for generating power using wind turbines and solar panels. It’s one of the reasons why the Iranian government is so keen to push forward and make the country a renewable energy leader. Other countries don’t have the topographic conditions necessary for succeeding in this way. Therefore, Iran’s booming industry shouldn’t come as a surprise.

The Country is Becoming a Centre for Renewable Energy

As the renewable energy sector across the globe expands, there are many players vying for supremacy. As things stand, Iran is placing itself to become one of the key centres for renewable energy. And this could have huge and positive long-term implications for the country and its economic performance on the global stage. Iran’s Renewable Energy Conference is already being hailed as one of the most successful events in the industry. And the country is also using its focus on renewable energy to attract international investment to the country. This is now possible as a result of the lifting of the sanctions.

Iran is Committed to the Paris Climate Deal

The issue of climate change is the driving force behind Iran’s investment in renewable energy. The country is committed to the Paris Climate deal. And most of the oil reserves Iran has at its disposal will be kept in the ground. Scientists say that keeping oil in the ground is going to be essential if climate change disaster is going to be avoided. They’ve found that reducing the use of fossil fuels in the country can also save water, which is another positive for the environment. This shows that Iran is investing in renewable energy for many reasons, and the health of the environment is one of them.

A More Diverse Economy Than Regional Neighbours

Because of Iran’s focus on renewable energy, as well as nuclear energy, they are not reliant on oil. For a country with such vast amounts of oil reserves, this is impressive. And it means that its economy is not as focused on oil as many other countries in the Middle East. It’s thought that Iran’s economy should prove to be more resilient as a result of this. With the oil price dropping countries that rely heavily on oil, such as Saudi Arabia, are feeling the effects. A diverse economy is essential for long-term and sustainable growth and development, so this is key. Other countries in the region might follow suit in the years ahead.

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