Home Remedies for Relieving Nausea

Home Remedies for Relieving Nausea

There is no one who will find the condition of nausea enjoyable. A symptom of vomiting, nausea is something everyone dreads. The good news is that you if you treat this condition as soon as you feel sick, then it may be possible for you to prevent the dizziness and upset stomach from taking a turn for the worse. Thus, you will be able to prevent yourself from throwing up or regurgitating. There are variety of home remedies that can be used for nausea, but you have to bear in mind that not each remedy can work for everyone. You should move onto the next method of relieving nausea if one doesn’t bring about your desired results. Listed below are some you can experiment with:

Green Tea

Even though it is widely used as a treatment for nausea, green tea may actually increase the symptoms of nausea in some individuals. It is best to stick with simple green tea rather than choosing it in flavors. Also, don’t let the tea steep for long as it may become excessively strong and that’s not something you need when you feel nauseated. Add a couple of ice cubes to the tea when it has stopped steeping as consuming it as a cool liquid is easier on an unstable and upset stomach.

High-Carb Foods

If the thought of eating doesn’t trouble you, opt for some bland foods that are laden with carbs as they can soothe your stomach. Rice, tortillas, saltines, plain English muffins or dry toast are some good options. While they may not exactly be the most delicious foods and you may not like eating them dry, they are effective in absorbing the nasty feeling in your stomach and also fill you up at the same time.


One of the best homeopathic remedies available for nausea is ginger and it can work for almost everyone. You can ingest ginger in a variety of ways and each of them is quite effective. Ginger bread, pickled ginger, crystallized ginger, ginger snaps and ginger ale are just some ways you can go about it. However, if you are going for ginger ale, make sure it contains ginger because some brands only have a flavoring and nothing more. Ginger capsules can be used if you don’t like the taste of ginger.


Nauseated people may respond positively to lemons. Slice a lemon and smell its aroma. If you find it helpful, it may be a good idea to drink some lemonade. You can also brew tea and add some lemon juice to it.


Getting rest is of the utmost importance when you aren’t feeling your best. You can try taking a nap or lie down for a while if you don’t feel like sleeping. Moving is just going to upset your stomach.

No Warm Milk

Most people opt for warm milk when they have an upset stomach, but dairy isn’t exactly good for the digestive track in this condition. Avoid butter, milk, cheese and other forms of dairy when you feel nauseated.

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