How Blogging Can Help You Make Money

How Blogging Can Help You Make Money

Everyone wants to and needs to make money, right? How can you survive if you don’t have a source of income? While there are numerous ways you can make money online nowadays, blogging is undoubtedly popular and has earned quite a reputation. You have heard about it and you are also interested in taking advantage of it, but don’t know exactly how this can be done. There are lots of people out there who already have a blog, but are unaware of how to monetize it to earn some cash. You can make money, regardless of whether it is a business blog or a hobby blog, but bear in mind that it is not one of those get rich quick deals.

However, if it is done right, it is definitely possible for you to make money with your blog. Let’s dive in and see how this can be done.

Use CPC and CPM ads

One of the most common ways that can be used by bloggers for making money is through placing advertisements on their website. There are two types of ads that are most popular. First are the CPC/PPC ads, which are basically cost per click or pay per click ads. As the name indicates, you are paid every time a reader clicks on these ads and they are usually placed in the sidebar or content of the blog. The second type of ads are CPM ads, which are basically cost per 1,000 impressions. You are basically paid a fixed amount of money depending on how many people view your ad. Google AdSense is the best network you can use for getting these type of ads as it acts as a middleman and chooses the ads to be placed and the cost to be charged from the advertisers. Find more help in this regard on this blogging guide.

Go for private ads

When you are thinking about using ads to earn money from your blog, working with advertising networks is not your only choice. If you get plenty of traffic to your blog, advertisers may approach you on their own and request you to place their ad on your blog. You can also get in touch with the advertisers if you want. The difference between this option and the one mentioned above is that there is no middleman. Thus, you can charge whatever rates you want. These ads can be placed in the form of links, buttons and banners.

Add affiliate links in your posts

Another great tool that can be used for blog monetization is affiliate marketing. You sign up for an affiliate program in which you are provided a unique link that has its own affiliate code. You use this link on your blog any way you want. It can be made a part of your content or can be used as a banner ad, as per your preference. If your readers click on the link and buy the product, you will receive a commission from the sale.

Use any of these methods to generate an income from your blog easily.

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