How GigaFX Ranks against the Best Online Brokers – A GigaFX Review

How GigaFX Ranks against the Best Online Brokers – A GigaFX Review

How good or bad your trading experience will be depends directly on how much time you spend in choosing the right broker. A broker can make trading easy or difficult for you. If your broker is focused on making money for itself, you will not be having the best time of your life while trading. However, if your broker cares about your needs and works to give you the best trading experience, you will surely go ahead in your trading career. GigaFX has earned its name as one of the friendliest online brokers for new and experienced traders.

With the competition as tough as it is right now, it is not easy to say that a particular broker is better than all. Let’s take a look at what GigaFX has to offer to see how well it ranks against its biggest competitors.

Introducing GigaFX

GigaFX is one of the many online brokers that give traders from around the world an opportunity to trade financial assets in a variety of financial markets. Once you have signed up with GigaFX, you will be able to trade forex currencies, commodities, indices, cryptocurrencies, and much more from the same platform. It has to be kept in mind here that you will be trading these assets in the form of contracts. These contracts are called CFDs i.e. Contracts for difference. GigaFX follows the strictest anti-money laundering policies to make its platform suitable for legit entities.

It also has a strict KYC policy in place to ensure that only legitimate entities sign up on its platform. If you are thinking about signing up with GigaFX, you should prepare yourself to provide some personal information that identifies you. That’s for the security of the traders. At the time of writing this review, GigaFX provides its platform to its traders in more than 60 countries of the world. The broker is only growing with time with some great trading platform and trading conditions.

The Trading Platform That Travels with You

One of the things you have to admire about GigaFX is how it has arranged the best trading platform for you. This platform travels with you wherever you go in the form you like. If you like to trade from the comfort of your home from your personal computer, you have the desktop version of the industry’s best trading platform, called MetaTrader 4. You can also use the platform in the web form. What that means is that there is no downloading needed and you can access the same platform from any device and anywhere in the world without any compromise on the experience of the software.

GigaFX has also made mobile applications available for its traders so they can trade on the go as well. In short, you will not have any compatibility issues once you have signed up with GigaFX.

Tradable Assets and Financial Markets

That’s where you will start loving GigaFX even more. This broker gives you the best chance to diversify your portfolio and hedge against losses by investing in a variety of tradable assets. You will have access to five different asset classes that include many different types of assets from energies and precious metals to cryptocurrencies. The best thing is that you will be trading all of these assets from the same trading platform. The addition of cryptocurrencies in the asset index is new but it is definitely going to attract a lot of new traders. Rather than owning cryptocurrencies and keeping them with you without making any profits, it is best that you trade cryptocurrency CFDs with GigaFX and make money by taking advantage of leveraged trades.

Trading Conditions for Traders

GigaFX creates the most favorable trading conditions no matter what type of trader you are. There are four different account types for you to choose from. Each account suits a different type of trader. The most important account is the basic account that has been designed by the broker for new traders. While there are slight differences in the features of the accounts, you will find almost all the useful features common in all of them. When it comes to trading conditions, the most lovable thing about this broker is the absence of any commissions. You can look at the tight spreads to know how much the trades will cost you because there will be no commissions taken from your trades.

In addition to no commission policy, GigaFX also gives you the option to go with floating or fixed spreads. The type of spreads you will be offered depends on the account type you choose. Leverage is available with all the accounts so it really does not matter which one you pick. However, the basic account has a smaller leverage than what’s available with advanced accounts. The sound of small leverage should not disappoint you because even the basic accounts enjoy a leverage of 1:100.

Customer Experience

The broker has also paid attention to customer support and experience. There are many companies that only give the best treatment to their customers unless they become a paying a customer. Once the sale has been made, the customer is not given the deserved respect. However, things are quite different for traders who sign up with GigaFX. When you have an issue with the company or its services, you have the option to send an email or dial one of the phone numbers gives on the website. You have a representative waiting to respond to your queries five days a week for 24 hours every working day.

Bottom Line

Almost all the online brokers are competing for the highest rank with the same features. You don’t see these brokers offering anything new. The best brokers understand that they can be different within these features. GigaFX has definitely broken the code and realized what makes its traders happy. In the recent months, the broker has been rising high at a fast rate. It understands its traders and has designed its features around them. With the level of service that this broker is offering right now, there should be no doubt that it has the potential to be the best online broker in no time.

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