How To Accelerate Your Job Search On LinkedIn

How To Accelerate Your Job Search On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is much like a social network that needs a unique strategy to help you search a job. Usually, being on LinkedIn without having a strategy is like trying to find a destination with no roadmap. Here is how one can use this powerful career portal to optimize their time and results when entering LinkedIn in order to find a good job opportunity.

  1. Networking

Networking is about one’s ability to make connections with right people with the click of a mouse button. When using LinkedIn, focus on growing your network in the right direction and with right people.  It may sound daunting to get some time to find right people and connect with them but this comes as the first and crucial step of your job search.

  1. Research Career Paths

Most job seekers are not sure what they want to do next. LinkedIn can turn out to be a brilliant tool to research career paths if used in the right way. Try to find the person who is working in your dream line of profession. This way you can check out the company at which he/she is working or has worked. Furthermore, this can help you have a sense for where you need to be in order to get entry to your professional life.

  1. Research Companies

There are many companies that use LinkedIn to share information about their job openings, employees, culture and so on.  Therefore, this network is a great place to start with when it comes to find your dream company. Don’t fear if your dream company has no new openings at the moment.  There are many similar organizations where you can try to get an idea of how you can get the right space with similar companies.

  1. Research Contacts

Finding your dream company or industry space is not the end of a job search process. It’s wise to dig deeper into the employees section to find a person who can forward your resume to the HR manager. Remember, Maneuvering around your contacts correctly can even bring you close to the person in charge of hiring.

  1. Search For Jobs

Add the LinkedIn job board to your favorites to find new job openings. You can also look into your connections to find out how well you are connected to the job portal and request for an introduction. Stick to a proper and strict schedule for working on the target because the online job search can cause you wasting time.

  1. Increase Your Visibility

Dedicate some time to increase your visibility in right manner and stand out in front of the right people. Focus on making your profile impressive and complete because this will work as your first impression to potential employer. Adding a video to the profile can be a good way to increase visibility. Check out this post by LinkedIn All Star Dennis Koutoudis on how to do it in best possible way.

  1. Get Company’s Detail

This is a very important strategy that you should apply with the same enthusiasm you create your resume and cover letter or do preparation for your interview. Most companies tend to hire individuals who are problem solvers. In order to get hired you will need to demonstrate your knowledge about the business. With LinkedIn, you can keep yourself updated with the latest of different companies and know their insights and current news.

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