How To Attract More Customers To Your Retail Store

How To Attract More Customers To Your Retail Store

People who own and run retail stores will need to invest a lot of money in marketing this year. You’re contending with some huge companies that can always undercut your prices. So, you’ll have to work harder than most to succeed. Most of the promotional articles published online these days refer to digital advertising techniques. However, that doesn’t help people struggling to make a living in the real world. Considering that, the post you’re reading now contains some excellent ideas that could help you to boost turnover this summer. More and more people are choosing to shop on the internet these days, and so you need to encourage them to move from their sofas.

Use signs to stand out from the crowd

All business owners should understand the importance of effective branding. With that in mind, you should purchase some new signs and banners for outside your retail premises. Make sure you include your logo and any other attractive graphics. If nothing else, people will become familiar with your brand. Once that happens, they will always think of you if they ever need the products you sell. The sign and banner concept is of particular importance in town centers where many shops are jammed together. If you design some cool signage using original concepts and ideas, more people will walk through your door. That is the case, even if they’re just intrigued to learn more about your fun approach to promotion.

ffer discounts to people for referring friends

Whenever someone buys something from your shop, give them a discount on their next purchase. Tell them they can receive a 10% price reduction if they bring a friend. That should encourage them to return with a pal the next time they visit your store. Once you’ve performed that task for a couple of months, your customer base should double. As you should aim to make around 40% profit on every item you sell, you’ll still make a decent profit. The customer feels like they’re getting a good deal, and you line your pockets. The trick is to make them feel as though you’re doing them a favor.

Advertise in the local newspapers

Newspaper advertising only works for particular business types these days. Traders will always see positive results, and so will independent shops. Most people would agree that buying from a small company rather than a large corporation is preferable. So, make sure you always highlight the fact that a local person runs your business. Highlight your latest products or deals, and advertise consistently. While a single ad might cost somewhere in the region of $500, multiple placements will cost less. Newspapers will always offer discounts to people who advertise every week because it makes their lives easier.

The ideas from this page should help you to boost turnover and profits in 2016. Just remember that you can always launch social media pages to help promote your shop. Facebook and Twitter receive millions of views every single day. So, it’s safe to assume most people in your target market use those services. Sometimes you have to promote your brand online to encourage more real world sales. You just need to find the right balance.

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