How to Choose a Hosting Provider for Your Blog

How to Choose a Hosting Provider for Your Blog

You need the services of a web hosting company for making your blog accessible on the internet. The company basically gives you space on a server where you can store your blog files. It is similar to the way you store computer files at home, except your blog files can be accessed by visitors at all times whenever they enter your blog’s domain name or discover it through search engines. Unless you have opted for free blogging platforms, which come with restrictions, you need to choose a hosting provider for your blog. The wrong web host can create a myriad of problems for your blog as it is similar to choosing a mobile company with no reception.

If you are unsure of the web hosting provider you should go with, here is a checklist you can use for making your decision on how to make your blog and how to set it up fully:

  • Good Reputation

This goes without saying that the service provider should be trustworthy. Check their website to see if they have a phone number, physical address, testimonials and general company information. Check the Better Business Bureau for knowing more about the web hosting provider you are considering.

  • Support

You might need some additional help with the blog, especially if you are new to it. Make sure that the web hosting provider can offer you 24/7 support. You don’t want to wait for help every time you have a problem with the blog. Even the type of support is important such as chat or phone support or online tickets support. Make a choice you are comfortable with.

  • Uptime

This is extremely important for your blog to be available online. You have to bear in mind that things can still go wrong, but the reliable companies will have backup technology and resources in place to ensure that your site stays up and running all the time. 99% network uptime is a good industry standard for most blog hosting companies.

  • Features List

Are you thinking of a specific content management system (CMS) such as the popular WordPress? It is provided by the web hosting provider you are considering? You should get as many features as possible because you may have need of them once your blog grows.

  • Email Accounts

Most hosting companies offer unlimited accounts, but double check to ensure that at least once email account is available for your domain.

  • Scalability

What happens if your blog grows and becomes bigger? It is good to know that different hosting plans are provided by the company you are considering. You may need more speed and power when your blog starts getting a lot of visitors and switching hosting companies can cost you a lot of time and money if your hosting provider isn’t accommodating.

  • Security

Your blog holds a lot of important information that you don’t want to compromise. You need top security in order to keep your blog safe from hackers. If hackers or malware strikes, it can lead to downtime of your blog, which means losing the audience. Ensure your hosting provider has good security.

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