How to Give Your Nails a Professional Look

How to Give Your Nails a Professional Look

Whether you are just having a little me-time, planning a girls’ night or aren’t in the mood to go to the nail salon, do-it-yourself nail care can turn out to be a great option. While there are people who believe that there is a whole world of difference between work done by a professional salon and what you do, it isn’t necessarily true. The only thing that makes the salon work unique is a little bit of extra prep that you need to make when you decide to apply nail polish at home. Your polish application is going to go a whole lot smoother if you start with a clean bare and smooth nail.

Read on to find the best technique for applying nail polish and you can proudly flash your beautifully done fingers.

  • Firstly, you should remove all rough edges by filing your nails. Run a cardboard or medium-grit glass file along the edge of your nail upwards and keep in touch with the natural shape of your nails. Make sure the file is moving towards the center of your nails or else they may break due to the up-and-down sawing motion.
  • Smooth the nail’s surface with a buffer. Upward strokes should be used for rubbing it lightly between three to ten times until your nail’s surface is smooth. The friction shouldn’t cause any warmth.
  • At the base of every nail, you should put a small amount of cuticle oil and rub it in. The excess cuticle growth should be pushed down with a flat-tipped orange stick. You can do the pushing gently by wrapping the stick in a thin washcloth. If you don’t have any cuticle oil handy, it is a good idea to use thick body lotion.
  • Use thin manicure scissors for snipping any hangnails. Picking or pulling at your hangnails is a definite no-no because it can lead to infection or be very painful.
  • Soak a cotton pad in acetone polish remover and rub it on every nail. This is effective for drying and cleaning the nail’s surface and polish application is made easier. You can also use white vinegar instead.
  • Keep your hand on a steady surface to make application easier. A base coat should be applied for protecting the nails and for smooth application. Begin from the center of your nail and move the polish upwards to the tip. Another strip of polish should be painted to the left and right of your center stroke. Do the same with each nail and let them dry completely.
  • Two thin coats of the nail polish should be applied using the same technique as the base coat. One thin coat may chip off easily whereas two coats, even thin ones are chip-resistant. Don’t apply the second coat if the first one hasn’t completely dried.
  • Swipe your brush lightly over the tip of each nail as this will keep the polish from chipping and peeling from the tip. Allow the polish to dry.

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