How To Keep a Healthy Lifestyle

How To Keep a Healthy Lifestyle

The media today is full of stories about a healthy lifestyle. People, stories, courses, pieces of training, photos from restaurants and gyms, reports from webinars. For people who do not eat cereal without milk every day and do not spend every free minute in the gym, such a flow of information sometimes irritates. Most often a feeling of inadequacy. Usually, fear – will I get sick and die, and all these ideal people will be forever young and healthy?!

In this regard, I have two news, and both are good.

First, in life, things are often not as smooth and beautiful as in social networks. We never know what remains behind the scenes. What disease or misfortune pushed a person to such drastic actions? On the other hand, what was for dinner, after the oatmeal in the photo? Therefore, you should not compare your life with someone else and from this to conclude.

Secondly, all real HLS once started from something and did not wake up one fine morning with a beautiful figure and healthy organs. It is good news for all those who have long been looking at a healthy lifestyle, but cannot decide.

Man is a creature following habits mostly. We love what surrounds us and what fills our daily life. It brings comfort and a sense of security. The first time, changing the usual way of life, we experience particular difficulties. However, after some time a new tradition becomes part of our life, begins to bring pleasure and joy. You need to give yourself time.

Therefore, I suggest that each of you have patience and love for yourself. Moreover, start with one thing. Something will be easier to do, something will cause a response in the soul, for something you will find a company in the family or among friends. Alternatively, on the contrary, what causes you the least protest. You choose. And I will call, from what to want. So, the five most important steps towards your health.

To quit smoking. Cigarette manufacturers have done extraordinary things with humanity. They made millions of people spend a lot of money and their precious health on complicated things that have a very unpleasant taste and smell. Remember your impression of the first cigarette you smoked. Was it nice? No. However, something made me try repeatedly. Some people want to appear like adults, who has inspiration from childhood “settings” – smoking relaxes, relieves stress, helps to think (remember Sherlock Holmes from millions of beloved TV series).

Sufficient physical activity. It can be cardio or power loads, a swimming pool or a gym, a morning jog or an evening bike ride. You need to choose what you like and brings pleasure. Alternatively, for a start, something that causes a minimum of discomfort and suits your temperament more. Someone is into team games; someone gets pleasure from power loads and someone – from jogging and listening to favorite music with headphones on. We are all different, so there is no universal recipe. It is essential to fulfilling two simple and necessary conditions – regularity and pulse control. Set to start a comfortable for yourself frequency and duration of the load. For example, three times a week for 45 minutes. You can extend your workouts and make them more frequent after a particular time when it becomes easier. So that the loads do not go to the detriment and for the well-being after the training, I recommend putting on the individual training devices – heart rate monitors. Calculate the range of the pulse during workouts will be easy. To do this, you first need to find out which pulse is the maximum allowed for you. This figure is 220 minus age. However, to achieve this value, in any case, is not worth it – it can lead to an overload of the cardiovascular system. Exercise is better in the range of 60-85% of the maximum heart rate. For example, if you are 40 years old, the maximum heart rate will be 220-40 = 180 beats per minute, and the range of “training” will be from 108 to 153. In this case, loads with a pulse lower than 108 will not be effective and higher – 153 will cause fatigue. Not a favor.

Proper nutrition. There are no universal diets. However, there is a conscious choice. Unconscious absorption of what is at hand, or products imposed on us by trademarks, leads to diseases. Food should be tasty, varied and as natural as possible. Do you like sauces? No problem, but do not grab ketchup from the shelf of the supermarket but make your own, from tomatoes and favorite spices. Would you like some lemonade? What could be better than pure water with ice, in which you add your favorite fruit or berry to your taste, mint or rosemary? Soda pop ads on TV ?! No, leave it to the farm; it copes well with the scum in the kettle.

Reaction to stress. Many people believe the cause of most diseases is the presence of stress in their lives. However, man is crystal vase; he should not always be in bliss and comfort. It is not stressed that leads to diseases, but an overreaction to them, the habit of “fixing up” on problems, inability to relax and be distracted. And the frequency and intensity of stress largely depend on ourselves. We do not know how to plan your day. We do not say no to people or business. We spend time and energy on things that are secondary in our lives. Feel free to contact a specialist if you cannot cope with stress by yourself.

5. Positive emotions. Recent studies have shown that if you spend with your friends for more than an hour a day, you can extend your life. And people who spend more than 60 minutes a day watching TV die earlier. Jump to conclusions.

Well, it is time to choose – where will you start your healthy lifestyle. The most difficult is always the first step, give yourself time to complete it. When quitting smoking or eating right will become familiar and comfortable for you, the time will come for the next step. And I will help you with my articles and tips. And admire your willpower, if you suddenly decide to write about your healthy lifestyle in social networks or a personal letter.

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