How to Keep the Magic Alive in Your Long Term Marriage

How to Keep the Magic Alive in Your Long Term Marriage

Why do marriages fail? Most would say that it is because there were disagreements, cheating or a horde of other similar problems. However, the truth is that most couples end up drifting apart after some time together. This is the most disappointing part; when two individuals who are just perfect for each other end up going their separate ways because their marriage has lost its spark. The question is how can you keep the magic alive in your long term marriage? How can you ensure that your husband doesn’t leave you? Is there something you can do? Indeed, there is.

Listed below are some great tips you should follow for keeping the magic alive in your marriage for a long, long time:

Flaunt your sexy self

Yes, it is completely natural for your feelings to shift over time. Obviously, you are well-past the can’t-keep-our-hands-off-each-other phase. But, that doesn’t mean that you don’t appear attractive to each other anymore. The first step to keeping the magic alive in a long-term marriage is to ensure you still attract each other. There is perhaps nothing more attractive for a man than a woman who feels sexy in her own skin. Only you will know what makes you feel sexy i.e. whether it is a session at a gym or it is some sexy outfit. Don’t just think about it; flaunt your sexy self and get your husband’s blood moving. His reaction is going to do wonders for you too.

Have sex as much as you can

Sure, both of you have busy routines and tasks to see to. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that you make sex a chore. That’s the problem with most couples; they schedule their sex days, which can really put a damper on it all. There is nothing better than impromptu and surprise sex. Jump on your husband when he least expects it. Sex strengthens the bond between husband and wife as oxytocin and dopamine are released after it, which draw you closer. Regular sex is essential for a successful marriage.

There is no harm in being selfish

Another reason why couples often enter into disagreements is because both or one of them starts feeling as if they are giving more than they are getting. How to ensure this doesn’t happen with you and your husband? The happiest marriages are the ones where both spouses have their own lives, hobbies and interests. Your relationship can stay fresh and you will be irresistible to each other when you maintain your interests and find new ones as time goes on. Encourage him to indulge in his love for fishing and take an art class. This will help you learn something new about each other and discover a new side. It keeps your relationship interesting.

Step out of your comfort zone

One of the problems of a long term marriage is that things tend to fall into a rut. You order Chinese from the same restaurant, go to the same place for your family dinners and special occasions and go for vacations to the same place. Thus, you get predictable, which is just another word for boring. One of the best ways for you to keep the magic alive in your partnership is to do new things together. Doing something new together will make you feel alive as it drives up dopamine in the brain and you connect this high with your husband. So, forgo your usual date night and go for a hike or explore a city. Do anything that gives your adrenaline a boost and make your heart race for each other.

Celebrate the memories and good times

It has been proven that couples who celebrate joyous moments and occasions together have the most trusting, committed and happiest relationships. Even if it is a small event, don’t let it slide and celebrate it in the best way possible. Sharing your husband’s excitement means you are projecting that joy onto them and nothing is going to be more attractive for them than a wife who shares their happiness. Celebrating successes, whether big or small, is going to make you a person everyone wants to be with, especially your husband. Also, this helps you in creating memories that both of you can remember fondly.

Have an affair

This sounds completely wrong, right? Of course, it is because you haven’t heard the whole thing. Yes, you have an affair, but with your husband. Remember the exhilaration you felt when you were dating? That was because there was some mystery. Sure, there was smoking hot sex, but that was not all. There were also the sexy texts you sent each other during the day, the racy lingerie you wore when you were together and the sneaking away to a hotel for forbidden trysts. This is an exciting experience and who says you have to live without it now? Bring back the passion and the playfulness and you and your husband will see each other in a new light.

Shake things up

There are plenty ways you can shake things up to keep the magic alive in your marriage. If you look up on the internet, there are a hundred new ways for you to have sex. This is not all. There are also costumes and toys that you can use for spicing things up. As a matter of fact, you can also go on experiences together or take surprise trips to liven things up a bit. Another good idea is to go to places you have gone before to relive the moments you shared together. Sometimes, all you need is a reminder to bring back the magic.

Alone time is essential

When you have a family, it often becomes difficult to take out time when you two are alone together. The bedroom doesn’t count when all you plan to do is sleep. Do some activities together without your kids so you can reconnect with each other and see how good you are as a couple.

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