How to Manage your Anger after a Breakup

How to Manage your Anger after a Breakup

You may not have wanted to breakup, but your relationship is finally over. It is no easy feat to deal with the heartache that plagues you when a relationship comes to an end. Getting over it can take weeks and even months or years in some cases, depending on your commitment and feelings. Holding on to anger after a breakup with your ex is natural, but not healthy because it is not going to make them come back to you. All it does is hurt you mentally, emotionally and physically. It is extremely important for you to deal with your anger in healthy ways in order to get over a relationship and finally move on with your life.

Following some of these steps can be helpful in this regard:

  • Be attuned to symptoms that indicate you are still angry at your ex. These include thoughts of hurting your ex or getting back together, wishing your ex failure in their life, badmouthing them to your friends and family, thinking of suicide as a way to send your ex on a guilt trip, asking yourself how they could do this to you, calling them to curse and yell and blaming them entirely for the demise of your relationship.
  • Understand that you alone are responsible for your anger and it is extremely unhealthy for you. You can become mentally and physically ill because of anger, especially prolonged anger.
  • Use healthy ways for expressing your anger and none of them should include violence directed towards your ex. You will only create more problems by showing anger in front of your ex, especially if you work together or have children. Going running, taking a kickboxing class or doing any other physical activity are some of the good ways of dealing with anger. You can burn off your anger in this way whereas activities that are physically demanding and aggressive.
  • Another non-destructive way of dealing with your anger is to write down your feelings in a journal or notebook. You may also feel better if you get an angry love story or a poem published on a literary website or magazine. If you are good at writing song lyrics, you can also redirect your anger towards writing a breakup song about your relationship that you can perform or get others to perform it for you.
  • If you feel like it, don’t hold back and cry and scream all you want. You can release some of the raw emotions you feel by doing so. Go for a drive and scream your head off at an isolated location. You will also feel better if you cry quietly such as in the shower or into your pillow.
  • Pay attention to yourself. Eat and sleep well because stress will weaken your immune system. Buy yourself something, go to the spa with friends or take time for a vacation. Keep yourself busy doing things you like and before you know it, your anger will be behind you.

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