How to Save Money on Wedding Planning

How to Save Money on Wedding Planning

Wedding planning just might be one of the most expensive things you ever do, so cutting back on certain aspects and saving some money here and there can be a big difference. Most people getting married are younger couples who may have only just graduated and started work, so unless your parents are helping you out or you’ve managed to save a lot of money for the wedding, you’ll probably struggle to cover most of the basic costs, such as venue hire, photographers and beautiful outfits. Here are a few of the ways you can save money when doing wedding planning:

1. Set a budget first

It’s good to shop around and get an idea of how much different things cost, but you should set a budget first and work from that (rather than the other way around). If you just start buying things and spending money on different things you need for the wedding, you might end up running out of cash when you still need to organize important things such as transport or wedding rings.

2. Don’t have wild parties

The hens party and stag night shouldn’t be too wild and adventurous if you’re on a budget. You should consider more laid-back options such as massages or pamper parties, coupled with a few of your own drinks and snacks. This is often cheaper than going on a night out, particularly if you ask all the guests to bring along some foods and drinks.

3. Make a list of priorities

You need to sort out what’s more important than other things and what needs to be booked further in advance. Whether you’re getting married far from home or you’re inviting people who don’t live locally, you’re probably going to need a hotel. Many people hire out a hotel even if they don’t live far away, since it makes it easier and adds to the celebrations to have everybody staying over in the same hotel. You may need to book far in advance in order to secure the entire hotel or at least a large section of it and several rooms.

4. Sacrifice your dream honeymoon

Just because it’s a destination you want to visit doesn’t mean that you need to go for your honeymoon. You’ll be married soon, and you’ve got the rest of your lives to travel together, and you’ll be able to save up more money over the next couple of years to make it less stressful too. If you try to book a large trip as well as something as huge as a wedding, you’ll only be left with masses of wedding stress.

5. Ask for money rather than gifts

Ask people for money in advance if you really need it in order to plan the wedding, or ask people to pay for certain aspects of the day. Rather than creating a gift list for people to buy you things for your new home or new family, ask them to give you money. Even if you receive money gifts after the wedding, you’ll be able to save up a nice chunk of cash afterwards so that you don’t feel like the wedding set you back financially too much.

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