ICC President Leaves The Organization And A Bag Of Questions To Be Answered

ICC President Leaves The Organization And A Bag Of Questions To Be Answered

It is not uncommon to see employees criticizing their employers after leaving the company or when they are just about to leave. It would definitely be quite interesting to do a survey on how many of these employees are actually truthful in their claims and how many not. However, this happens quite rarely that a big organization gets criticized by its former president or someone else with a high-level position in the company. Such a thing has happened recently to ICC – International Cricket Council. The used-to-be president of the organization has left with some sore remarks about the authority.

The leaving president of the organization, Mustafa Kamal, comes from Bangladesh. What he has said after leaving and while leaving the organization could lose its credibility and strength because of the fact that he left only due to reasons that seem more like patriotic reasons. The first harsh remarks came from him when his country team, Bangladesh, lost its match against India in the quarter finals of the cricket world cup. The loss was painful for sure not only because his team was thrown out of the world cup but also because India is one of the big rivals of Bangladeshi nation.

ICC President stated in clear words after the match that he had big doubts about how the umpiring was done in the match. Even though his claims are quite worthy of backing because there were some really shockingly awkward decisions given in the match but we must not forget that even more has happened quite  a few times in other cricket matches too. Of course, such botched umpiring can be even more painful when it is done in a world cup match. The claims he made about umpiring in the match were utterly denied by his organization – the ICC.

However, from the statements he’s given after his resignation it seems that the man was hurt for other reasons too. He stated that somehow he was not allowed to present the trophy to the winners of the cricket world cup of 2015 – Australia. The trophy was presented by an Indian – which puts the cricket nations further in doubts about the presence of the big three. Big three is the name given to India, Australia and England for their overwhelming power and authority in international cricket proceedings. Mustafa Kamal was once again quite straight forward in his words about his peers at the organization.

He said that he was mainly resigning from his position of president of the council because he sees a lot of dishonest people around him. He said the unlawful and unconstitutional things are allowed to happen in the organization. He said there are people in the organization who deliberately do unconstitutional things and they are allowed to do so because they have the power to. In fact, more than talking about the poor umpiring in the match he focused on how he could not work with people who have no troubles in acting unlawfully.

He raised a direct question about ICC’s fairness and said that if things continued to run this way then cricket as a sport will be completely destroyed in the world. ICC officials have recently mentioned that his resignation contained no such things as mentioned by him. In fact, according to ICC Kamal only apologized for his behavior in the past few days and mentioned the reason that he was resigning because he was becoming personal with the people at the organization. Now that the position is vacant appointment of new president of the council will be done on April 16, 2015.

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