Ireland’s Captain Is Not Happy At What ICC Said About Next Cricket World Cup

Ireland’s Captain Is Not Happy At What ICC Said About Next Cricket World Cup

Cricket is one of the most technical sports in the world wherein you encounter 3 completely different facades of playing i.e. bowling, batting and fielding. It’s a pity that a sport that runs in the blood of many nations such as Australia, England, Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka, hasn’t gained any further exposure outside the countries it is already played in for many past decades. You could easily count all international cricket teams on your fingertips. Despite that what ICC has recently said has made many big names in cricket wonder including the captain of team Ireland, William Porterfield.

ICC in its most recent statement said that the next cricket world cup will be played with only 10 teams on the menu. Just in the recent 2015 world cup there were 14 teams competing against each other. The captain of Ireland cricket team has shown his surprise at the fact that ICC wants fewer nations to play cricket in the coming world cup in 2019. He said that he’s surprised at the fact that cricket is the only sport in the world where its organizers are actually cutting down on the number of teams that play it.

He said that cricket is a sport and it should go in more countries around the world, and not become limited to fewer countries. He even mentioned the names of some of the most renowned and respected cricketers who showed their concern over this statement from ICC. He also showed his unease at the fact that this statement is more like shutting the doors right in the face of his team and other cricketing countries that have been struggling for years to be a part of the game. Some popular and iconic players who didn’t like the statement include Mahela Jayawardene, Rahul Dravid and Sachin Tendulkar.

It must not be forgotten here that Porterfield has felt this heat for a valid reason. Ireland has been a team that has caused many upsets during its world cup career. This is the same team that has beaten Pakistan, England and West Indies. Ireland even took care of Zimbabwe and beat them in the recent world cup despite the fact that Zimbabwe is one of the oldest playing nations. Porterfield said it will be quite difficult for his team to make it to the list of teams playing in the next cricket world cup, if not impossible.

Another point worth mentioning here is that Ireland has been playing cricket world cups since 2007. In simple words, they have been a part of 3 consecutive cricket world cups and it would be a big loss for them if they are not able to earn a spot on the teams playing in the coming world cup. Porterfield seemed very disappointed from the efforts of ICC and said that they have done a lot in past decade but every time their team does something big to go ahead, ICC does something in response that pushes them back into their place again.

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