Is Self-Defense All About Physical Strength

Is Self-Defense All About Physical Strength

Self-defense is one of the most misunderstood things out there. Most people believe that self-defense is all about learning how to fight when you are attacked by some bad guy. While this is an important part of the training, it does not mean that this training ends here. There is much more to this training than just learning how to fight with someone. For example, being a soldier is not about engaging in gun fights with the enemies. In fact, it is discipline and mannerisms that soldiers learn before they even pick their first weapon in their hands.

In a similar fashion, when you go for self-defense training there is much more happening than just physical training. There are lots of skills that you learn as part of the training such as karate, martial arts or other forms of fighting. These fighting skills are polished for students because they face dangers commonly in their lives. Just have a look at the recent cases of bullying taking place not only in schools but colleges and universities as well. The rising number of these cases demands parents to send their kids for training on self-defense so they can walk with confidence.

The most important part of self-defense training is mental training. You can’t win a war with only weapons. It’s the right strategy that wins you wars. In a similar fashion, it does not matter how physically strong you are if you are not mentally ready for bad situations. A strong person can get overcome by someone much smaller in size based only on the mental strength. It is therefore important to realize that a huge part of self-defense training pertains to mental training i.e. making a student mentally strong about various difficult situations and how to avoid them in the first place.

Discipline is a huge part of self-defense training because you can’t live a good life without discipline. You have to make certain rules and changes in your lifestyle in order to stay away from the dangerous situations. That’s right; the important part of the training is to stay away from dangers. You have to act in a certain way in order to stay away from the danger. Why is it that bodybuilders are not attacked as much as women are? It is because their bodies are serving as a “stay away from me or else. . .” symbol.

When you receive self-defense training you are trained on how you should be walking. You will be trained on how you should not be acting in certain situations to avoid being looked as a weak link. You are constantly trained on observing your surroundings at all times so you can take quick action when the need arises. Your trainers talk to you and work hard to make you understand that you have to be confident in yourself. Once you are confident you can do things you thought you could never do. In fact, you become a better student, employee, life partner etc. when you have understood the essence of this training.

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