iZombie Review: ‘Cape Town’

iZombie Review: ‘Cape Town’

How does this show keep on doing it? iZombie is so capable at tying together humor, even if it is the cheesy humor, with emotional breaking points that simply end up punching you in the face. They seem to have perfected this trick and it was quite evident in the mid-season finale. On one hand, there is a zombie hooker who is sharing her heart’s secrets with Major and on the other, there is Liv, who is typical Batman fashion and a lot of his swagger, makes statements about justice. Yes, that sounds almost bizarre and utterly ridiculous, but somehow the show makes it work.

Taking some inspiration from the real life Phoenix Jones, this episode showed us how Liv operates when she is in vigilante mode and she almost got into trouble for it even though her reason meal that comprise of Chris Allred’s brain was probably the calmest she had had in a while. Just try to imagine it. Live is a zombie who is trying to use her powers for being a hero. Her purpose behind eating brains isn’t just to survive; it is to help others. She has finally found her goal as a zombie and that is to catch the murderers and bad guys.

This is the most important element of her life and her work with Clive kept her focused and centered, but she has lost it all because of the Fog. Liv’s personality was amplified with the superhero brain and it is not good to realize that this has caused her to endanger her career and life. She is going to be in a dark place and as much as we hate it, we are also glad that Clive did what he had to do. He has been focused on getting results and has ignored it when Liv was acting weird, but he finally spoke up and said something in this episode that he should have said a long time ago.

He has been treating her as a cop and giving her a lot of leeway and we understand this because it is strange to see her being included in so many investigations and interrogations. The one problem with this episode was that it focused a lot more on Boss and his men rather than Liv and her relationships. The show is trying to build up his influence and it was no doubt fun to listen to the ‘Santa Boss’ jokes with Liv and Clive. However, the episode and ending could have become much more meaningful if he had succeeded in getting into Liv’s head.

The scene between Major and Liv was something. Only he could be given the responsibility of taking out a zombie and convincing her not to commit suicide as he is so inherently noble and sweet. However, his talk with the zombie call girl should have driven him to be more truthful with Liv. It was sort of a terrible hell as it is positively chilling to think of zombies being forced to have sex if they want to get brains. The one disappointment was that Major finally got some sympathy for Liz, but through someone else.

Major finally understands what it is like to have multiple people in your head after his call girl talk, even though he didn’t get it when Liz tried to explain it to him. Moving back to the superhero storyline; there was more comedy fodder, thanks to Chris Allred’s brain (the name is a combination of Michael Allred and Chris Roberson, the iZombie comic creators) and also because the The CW is home of shows like Arrow and Flash. Liv’s performance was sort of an excellent depiction of the more serious Oliver Queen and Ravi got to act like Cisco in the Flash. Ravi’s reactions were absolutely priceless when Liv first started showing the traits from The Fog’s brain. Another great part was watching Ravi’s quick character when a wounded person was brought to the morgue by Blaine. Instead of yelling at Blaine first, both he and Liv focused on saving the man first.

Talking of Blaine, there was nothing better than his welcome talk to the zombie world that he gave to Blake. David Anders is a genius.

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