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Jeremy Renner And Chris Evans Facing Music Over Their Juvenile Statements

Produced by Marvel Studios, The Avengers has been one of the most favorite movies for several movie goers for past 3 years. The movie was released in 2012 and its popularity and great feedback from watchers has put it at #199 at the IMDb’s top 250 movies of all time.

There is sequel of the movie about to be launched in the coming month. While millions of people around the world have already been expecting the movie to launch and eagerly waiting to watch it, the recent controversies could be damaging for the producers.

Just recently something weird happened in an interview with the 2 stars in the upcoming sequel of the movie, namely Avengers: Age of Ultron. The two stars, Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner, were being interviewed about the movie. During the interview they were asked about the character of Black Widow in the movie. Black Widow is a flirtatious character in the movie but the two stars chose the wrong words to describe her.

When asked about the character of Black Widow Jeremy Renner came up with a response in which he called her a slt whereas his partner Chris Evans further added salt to the injury of their fans by calling her a complete whre.

They were both joking and they laughed out loud after making this comment. It could be seen that they were both tired due to their busy schedules for the promotion of the movie and needed laughter. However, their method was not the best one and while it went unnoticed by the interview the fans on social media were quite against this behavior.

Both the artists were labeled misogynists by their fans on various tweets and posts. Some fans even tried to defend both the actors but it couldn’t stop this incident from becoming a big threat for the film producers.

After realizing the seriousness of the situation both artists chose to apologize publicly for their behavior. Jeremy Renner apologized by saying that what he said was just a joke and the character he chose the joke for was just a fictional one. He said they had a long and tedious day and this was just a light joke.

Chris Evans said what they said was very childish and that the anger from the fans was very right. He showed his regret over his comment and apologized in front of his fans.

Most people seem to have accepted apologies from Chris Evans but some seem unsatisfied by the style of apology from Jeremy Renner. It is quite ironic that Jeremy Renner is facing the severe criticism while he is the artist with an Oscar for best actor for The Hurt Locker wherein he is a patriotic and compassionate US soldier.

Most experts and critics are of the view that movie producers and actors have to clean themselves from the recent controversies if they want their movie to be fully successful. Mind you, just recently Robert Downey Jr., another main role from the same movie, walked out on an interview when the interviewer got too personal in his questions.

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