Jurassic World; Great Dinosaur, Plot Not so Much

Jurassic World; Great Dinosaur, Plot Not so Much

Not only does it have global brand recognition, Jurassic World is built on theme park attractions, three earlier flicks, best-selling novels and the usual marketing tactics, which gave the movie more muscle as opposed to an average big-ticket movie. This movie comes 14 years after the last sequel in the series was released and brings along dinosaurs that are roaming the world, forming an unpeaceable kingdom that’s the directly result of man’s folly of trying to play God. In reality, this galumphing franchise reboot doesn’t pack as much muscle as flab. While the movie slowly movies from scene to scene, it reminds you what the action of Steven Spielberg can do.

Steven Spielberg may not have directed Jurassic World, but the movie has his fingerprints all over it. As an executive producer, he gave his blessing to Colin Trevorrow for directing the movie, even though he just has one independent feature on his resume i.e. “Safety Not Guaranteed”. The task assigned to Mr. Trevorrow was same as any other filmmaker who has to ensure that an industrial brand dominates the box office; deliver the movie in salable shape, which is exactly what the director has accomplished. Actors don’t smirk while delivering their bad lines, digital dinosaurs predictably clomp, gulp and scatter amidst various product placements.

The movie may come off as targeted towards studio executives due to the number of Mercedes plugs it has. The movie picks up 22 years after the last Jurassic park movie on an island in Costa Rica that has been transformed into a Disney World-type resort and theme park. No incident has occurred in the amusement park for years, which is good in terms of safety reasons, but not so much for business as the current attractions are boring the visitors. There is where the I-Rex or the Indominus Rex comes in, which is basically a dinosaur modified genetically for drawing people to the park.

With the creation of this unique specie, it seems that the park owners have learnt nothing from the first three movies because they are again running a park where the guests and visitors are eaten by attractions as the I-Rex turns out to be a killing machine. It manages to escape from its cage and is rather smart so capturing it is difficult. In the ensuing chaos, the park’s manager, Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) finds out that she chose the wrong day for wearing heels and sending off her nephews into the park.

There is also Chris Pratt, a free spirited, wise-cracking dinosaur behavioral specialist who has formed an interspecies bond with velociraptors and is trying to stop his devious security chief from weaponizing them. The movie has emerged after undergoing development hell for nearly a decade cobbled with elements cooked up by countless writers, which could explain why the plot has so many holes. Nonetheless, the movie has turned out to be a huge success at the box office as it managed to earn half a billion worldwide in its opening weekend.

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